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  1. BBava


    Run free, rub fast, run far, Suka. Thinking of you and your family.
  2. BBava

    Couldn't resist..

    Everybody so content \ /
  3. Bings was one of the luckiest and happiest boy to have you -still he is ! Thinking of you, Nix.
  4. How can you tell boy or girl ? Lovely pictures -especially the second one
  5. BBava

    Husky mug

    Cool ! I want one
  6. BBava

    My pack

    Such a beautiful pack
  7. He just put 3 huskies in his car ? Where are the rest ?
  8. BBava


    Happy faces
  9. How cute ~~~~~~ and nice names !
  10. Hi Justin, My girl Nana had a TPLO surgery in May. Seems Ciba is good in a crate -his fast and great recovery will follow ! Good luck for Tuesday !
  11. Oh~my I'd like to see their pictures, too , please !
  12. How pretty ! Let me smell her puppy breath
  13. BBava

    Animal names

    For a girl, I'll mane her Cari, Taro for a boy - an old fashioned Japanese name.
  14. Thank you very much for the beautiful video -happy puppies make me smile
  15. Awesome video ! When i see running huskies, I get goose bumps ( is this the right words ? ) and reminds me that they are born to run. Beautiful place where just you and amazing dogs. I'm so jealous
  16. Rest in peace Dana and Gijs. Run free and run fast, beautiful girl and beautiful boy.
  17. Belated Happy Birthday Mr.Handsome Blaze
  18. Happy Birthday handsome Ice That look on the last pic !!
  19. Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands
  20. Ava does that dancing, too -spin, spin, spin....till I put down her bowl
  21. Fantastic photos ! That's a quite experience on your first day. Can't wait to hear next story
  22. Beautiful place and their tails are wagging, wagging, wagging
  23. Yey! You did have a good weekend, Grizz ! Love that slobber face
  24. Thank you, Emma -I'm laughing so hard at my work !
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