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  1. Poor little Remi Sending all hugs xxxx
  2. What is the cause ???? Hope she'll be all right soon
  3. BBava

    DIY Dog

    That's a great project ! Every family member involved
  4. Missed you boys! I thought they might have finished all Nikes
  5. Thank you very much, Michael !
  6. Thank you, Emma ! After attempting 2 flush and some drugs, Dr says it could be anything to block Ava's tear ducts, and makes her worry is yellowish/greenish discharge. To be honest, I really want to avoid the surgery even they say it's a simple procedure -still needs to use MRI and general anesthesia. I heard many small dogs parents try not to have these operations, also. And this year I had some bad experiences with these events for my other dog, it scares me. That's from an ophthalmologist and I just contacted Ava's vet for his opinion.
  7. I took Avalanche to eye doctor for the check up of cataracts 3 weeks ago. Because of runny eyes and discharge, doctor performed flush and found that her tear ducts have been clogged. We hoped it would be cured by Increasing her daily eye drops and adding some drugs but no good result -and end up going to have a surgery to correct the passages next Tuesday. They say this kind of surgery is pretty common but I'm worrying. Does anybody have/ know about this problem ?
  8. BBava

    Dog Strollers

    Even they get too old to walk, or have difficulties to move around, I'd like to take them outside and let them see and smell and give them a good time. These strollers are one of the ways you can do it.
  9. BBava

    Dog Strollers

    I see one lady uses the stroller to bring her dog to therapy. Thinking I might need it near future for my girl since she's tripawd and arthritis issues.
  10. Thinking of you and Jada
  11. All fingers and paws crossed for Jada
  12. Beautiful place, Happy Dex and good ending
  13. Beautiful pictures as always You live in such a lovely place !
  14. How amazing ! I wish they put photos of all the huskies,
  15. Oh no, poor Ice ! Sending lots of hugs. Looking forward to good update..
  16. So cute! She is ready to go out with mom
  17. BBava

    Feeling loved.

    I love cool guys
  18. Sending our hugs to Bear- get well soon XX
  19. The pic gives me a big smile I love Dex's face -good boy !
  20. BBava

    hip dysplacia

    Thank you very much guys, you cheer me up ! Today I took her to her regular vet and he encouraged me, too. One of the things I worry about is her age -she'll be 8 this April. The Vet says Nana's heart is in a good condition and he also says that he doesn't believe so-called ' life span ' . I'm so glad that I posted this here- thanks again !
  21. BBava

    hip dysplacia

    This is not about my Siberian Ava but my other girl, Nana -yesterday I took her to a specialist since her walking has been wiggling. She had a right knee surgery last May and been on physical therapy since. and on anti-inflammatory med for the last 3 years. Her right knee is back on shape now but her therapist noticed that Nana's let leg wobbles and loss of muscle. After the x-rays, the result was because of her hip and a surgical treatment is the only choice for her -I knew this would happen in anytime but I'm just so shocked and scared. Nana will be able to run with Ava again after the surgery though, I just feel so sorry and bad for her -two surgeries within a year. And now she is banned from getting up on the couch and she is confused where to sit. I'm sorry this is a depressing post.
  22. I'm very sorry. I believe Sasha is watching you from the Rainbow Bridge always, always...
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