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  1. That's very good news she looks content.
  2. I'm with pet plan, too. When my previous dog had cancer, I didnt have one - now I learned . The first year I didn't use it at all but when she hit 2, started having eye problems and it helps me a lot.
  3. BBava

    Husky fur

    Woops , no wonder it was never ending and she looked so skinny after the slicker Thank you for the info!
  4. BBava

    Husky fur

    What are the differences between slicker brush and rake brush? Should I use the rake for undercoat?
  5. BBava


    Me, two, I'm so jealous here's 22C
  6. BBava

    My babys

    Oh~~~my beautiful !
  7. Yes, I do. I don't look for anything special -but I like to put them under the tree
  8. BBava

    Busy day

    Great pictures ! Wow -these're perfect for a holiday card
  9. I was waiting for them looks like bulbs are bigger than last year ????
  10. BBava

    what is she ?

    what surprised me was the boy was around 7, 8 years old and already knew a snow fox.
  11. BBava

    what is she ?

    I was taking a walk with Avalanche and a boy asked me if she was a fox
  12. It is beautiful indeed ! I'm dreaming ...someday Thank you for such a great video,
  13. Run free beautiful Brook. Thinking of you and your family.
  14. Very sweet ! Looks like Zako is babysitting Kita
  15. Pixel is so cute ! And she's got pretty low voice -and I love it
  16. Glad to hear Dex enjoys there All dogs looks confident and content !
  17. Kita is having a sweet dream on Dad's chest
  18. Mmm...I'll give Ava mud pack then
  19. Very lovely and photogenic How do you keep Skyla so white ? My girl was called 'off white'
  20. It's nice to hear about your family. They are so fortunate to have you !
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