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  1. My girl Nana's been on anti-inflammatory med for arthritis since 3 years old. If Kim likes, you can take her swimming -even just walking in the water is very beneficial. How about to put yoga mats where she sleeps -they're not only for safety footing but also make her feel comfortable. I don't think it's good idea to let her sleep on any hard surface floors. And give her a little massage before she gets up works also. Moving around is a good exercise but not bouncing though. Keeping her in one position for a long time just makes her muscle stiff.
  2. That's what I have to do this weekend
  3. It could be some cut or other causes, but my Ava was just like that. Only her right pupil was red and we took her to our vet and she thought it might be some scratches and did a couple of tests and found a very tiny white. She called the eye specialist right away and pushed to make a space for Ava on the same day. That's how we found her cataracts. Hope this is not your puppy's case, but red pupil is obviously not right.
  4. BBava


    I mean, agree to everybody. I'm sorry my English
  5. BBava


    I agree to other people ! She's lucky to have you
  6. In your garden? Very beautiful
  7. It looks like bunny hopping or is it because your puppy is so excited ?? My girl runs like that, too when she is a zoomer in a small area like Rachael says. My other girl had surgery for hip dysplasia last year but she's not a puppy.
  8. BBava

    Dogs legs

    I think your girl NIkita still has time to stretch since she's 8 month old. Yeah my Avalanche is pretty small and many people ask if she's full grown
  9. BBava

    Dogs legs

    Glad to know you and vet found how to take care of her legs. Nana couldn't do hi-5 when she was a puppy and that was one of the indications of joint problems. Our vet says keeping them slim is very important for joins.
  10. That's so lovely It's not a gate but our fence has a cutout for my girls and next door's boy,Yogi. That's because Yogi and Nana like each other and Avalanche can be nosy.
  11. I'm pretty nervous about eye problems for my girl has some issues since she was one. Her vet told me that allergies could happen in one eye or both, and not always itchy though. Does she squint or paw her eye? it could be some debris in the eye-fur, dust, sand ? Dry eye? Pink eye can be caused by a number of different things. Makes me worry is her redness comes and goes. I'd recommend to have your vet check her out to make sure there's nothing serious.
  12. You're blessed I love the pajama, of course
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. Run free, run fast, beautiful Micha.
  14. after those husky things she looks very content
  15. Since it's adjusting time for her to you and your place, sending away from home might make her confused, I think. To be honest, I'm nervous to send my dogs to places where I can't see. We have those canine boot camps here and I heard several success stories, but also not good ones as well -some were super good students at school, but barely listen to their owners at home, some dogs came back being timid. Like Emma says they need to learn from you directly for the upcoming happy life for both you and your dog. Or have you ever considered to have a trainer come at your place ?
  16. amazing and beautiful !!
  17. Usually puppies are required to be fully vaccinated before day care. Or you can ask a dog sitter to watch your boy at your house.
  18. I'm so sorry for your loss -cancer sucks ! My old girl suffered, too, but her urinary leakage was clear color and no odor due to kidney cancer. Her vet put her on some medication and it stopped in a few days. Sounds like Tokie's problem might be from his age and hope his vet gives you good advice to manage. Looking forward to good news.
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