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  1. BBava

    Xmas Lights

    I'm loving it Thank you Marc !
  2. I'm so sorry. Run free, run fast, run far, sweet Echo.
  3. Run free, run fast, run far....beautiful Mindy. Thinking of you and your family.
  4. Thinking of you, Mindy. Sending all hugs to all.
  5. That's a great number, plus Kai is a big boy ! Nothing beats snuggling with a gray muzzle (seems Kai doesn't have it !) So precious
  6. According to our vet, dogs can adapt so quick and very well because they don't care what they look like to others. My dog Nana is a tripawed. too. It's better to hop on three legs than limping on four. All fingers and paws crossed for beautiful Mindy !
  7. That's truly awesome that you already have great knowledge of herbal medicine, Chrissie. And isn't that cool Doc Jones replied to your email ! I'm a believer in herbal remedies as well.
  8. My dog started taking Phenobarbital (grand mal) when he was 5 months old. Other than that he was a pretty submissive but happy boy. My other dog barked and alerted me when the attacks occurred. Can you put a little bell on Marley so that you'll hear that when he shakes ? For some, seizures won't come back for several months, a few years, or more longer periods and I hope this is the case for Marley. One thing for sure is he is lucky to have you ! Sending all my hugs and kisses.
  9. Poor Marley. Sending all my hugs and kisses.
  10. Awwww ! I love the colors as well. He'll be a great athlete definitely
  11. BBava


    RIP. Run free, run, run run, beautiful Jade.
  12. Happy Birthday, Koda ! Indeed, he's so handsome
  13. Happy birthday, Amy The mouse hunting Amy is a very nice shot ! I love your pics with destroyed toys -they are nice moments
  14. Happy birthday, handsome boy ! Ohhh, those birthday treats look so yummy It's so cute your willies and his tongue are the same color !
  15. I hope Skyla is feeling better ! My dog's been on med for the last five years because of arthritis. Wow, x-rays are very expensive in UK!
  16. She's very lovely ! My first dog's name was Sakura, too.
  17. I tried several husky proof toys but didn't work -the only toy Ava still has from her puppyhood is a west paw design's zogoflex. They are pretty heavy and tough.
  18. That's what I thought. My dog gets hotspot quite often on her front paws. She's lots of long fur between the nails and around pads like huskies' and they have to stay away from dirt and moist otherwise she keeps licking.
  19. I'm so sorry ,,,, run free, fun fast, run, run,,,,,Bluedog
  20. That's what I worry for my son works at a restaurant
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