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  1. Wow ! Storm is very good looking indeed and has a big smile !

    Actually I just learnt about this breed last night -I've been checking at websites of our local shelters to adopt a dog since I lost my big girl 17 months ago and last night a very handsome brindle dog with a face of German shepherd caught my eye !  Yes,  I thought he was a mix and no, it was a Dutch shepherd !  We have quite a few German shepherds and Malinois as well as Huskies here at local shelters but never seen Dutch shepherds before. This dog was less than 2 years old and I wonder how he ended up at the shelter.  And of course, I spent a couple of hours to know about this beautiful breed !

    That's very amazing that Storm settles in very well and gets along well with Darwin in such a short time !

    Welcome Storm -lucky boy !






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  2. I'm sorry to hear Marley isn't feeling well. You have an appointment in the morning but I wonder if you could take him to an emergency.

    My girl was like him -didn't eat, didn't move, didn't respond, and the vet took her in right away.  She had a high blood pressure and high fever and got IV and stayed at the hospital the night.

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  3. Not ACL surgery, but my girl had TPLO. After the surgery, you have to watch him 24 hours for the next two weeks at least- I'm not exaggerating !  No jumping, no running, no walking by himself and he needs to be on a leash at all times even inside the house unless he's in a crate.  If Tuff isn't good at taking medicines, it would be nice to have cheese, hot dogs, baby food paste and some other things for 3 or 4 kinds of medicines come home with him.  If you're thinking about physical therapy, I recommend looking for a rehab facility in advance and make a reservation if possible -we had to wait for a month to get in.  Hope Tuff has a very speedy recovery !


  4. I hope it's an infection rather than cataracts. My girl has juvenile cataracts due to bad breeding. Blueberries and lutein are very helpful for eye health as well as well-balanced diet and regular exercise, and minimal vaccines. UV rays damage eyes, especially when they have problems.

    I hope the antibiotic work on Honey 🙏


  5. I taught hand signals to Ava when she was a puppy and the hardest thing was as Emma says to get her attention. Since you're not new to hand signals, I don't think it would be hard - maybe with some extra time and lots of good treats. Good luck!

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  6. Hi. Ear hematomas happen to any dogs and cats as well. Not my husky Ava, but my other girl had surgeries a couple of times due to ear infections. Seems it comes back in a few days after draining most of the time. What was the cause of Zeena's? Good luck.

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