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  1. I never started brushing Cheza's teeth when she was a puppy so now it's a fight. Brushing chews have been helping keep them clean but we found out the hard way she can't have dently's.
  2. Awolf401


    Been there before. It gets better so long as your seeking help which you are. It's like a steam train sometimes when it starts it doesn't stop. Not all guys are useless some of us do counseling for those who honestly need it. Got to remeber a guys natural urge is to fix things. Sometimes we forget that listening is more what you ladies want. Good luck and remeber no matter how bad it gets there are people who care.
  3. These dogs are more like rebellious toddlers than I have ever seen in a breed. Love them but they are full of lets say personality. This is why Cheza is crate trained. I let her roam the house once or twice after she was potty trained when I left the house. Came home and found that she had almost hung herself in the blinds. This was after a week or two of being left alone while I was at work. I think until they are 3 there is a good chance that behavior will change like this. Its a puppy thing.
  4. I think my expression would change too if you squeezed the back of my head
  5. We have nice things, a nice mess, a nice big hole in the yard, and a few nice dents in the wall.
  6. Pretty girl... I am jealous of the pack life
  7. Gets really awkward when they try to shave me. As others have said you should be really careful about outside time until the coat comes back.
  8. Whew I was waiting for someone to explain what fly tipping was. Thanks for the update. I agree tell the council you have your rights to your land and you have the right to wait for your insurance to take a look. Sorry to say its not much better here in the states. I called once about some gov owned trees and was told they were my responsibility. Next day they gave me a citation. If I wouldn't of asked they would have never known.
  9. I don't know mine is pretty loud when she sleeps.
  10. I usually name the second husky clariten.
  11. I think the only way you are going to curb that is to catch her in the act. They have devices that are meant to deter animals from certain areas. Its pretty much a motion sensor attached to an air can. It sprays a puff of air that will scare them. Maybe that would work?
  12. Thanks, Gas mileage wasn't first on my list but its definitely a nice benefit. I didn't realize either. The lack of head rests are the reason I have not been able to get a commercial solution
  13. My seats to flip forward a bit. (Well what they count as rear seats) As far as feeling Cheza once ate the plastic tray out of her kennel and then laid on the bars. Im not sure she cares about feeling. (Thankfully no vet visit was needed) Thanks for reminding me. I need to get a new tie down for her seat belt. She got her self tied up on the last one. Need to find one that doesn't give her so much freedom. With those specs I could too. Still I get maximum enjoyment out of my green modern one. Ah the wonders of fuel injection. I will take these suggestions and give them a try.
  14. How about a 1965 orange fastback with pony package. My parents own that one. This is mine 310 horse power at 32 mpg. Its not the GT but I had to be a little practical. In case you meant pictures of Cheza in shoes Sorry couldn't flip it. Anyways I was looking for something that attached in some way and was water proof. Cheza has been known to relieve herself in the car though that hasn't been in awhile. The blanket might work though if I stitch a plastic liner to it.
  15. So I have been putting off this post for awhile because part of my problem is that I didn't think about the puppy dog before I made my decision. Kind of embarrassing. I got into a experiment a year or so ago. We wanted to find out how far my Mazda 3 will fly when a Chevy Avalanche (Big truck) hits it barreling down the highway. The answer is everyone not very far because the Jeep Laredo stopped it. Long story short I walked away from it but my car didn't. My car looked like those cartoons where the car in the middle looks like an accordion. Thankfully insurance took over and I was able to pick out a new car and Cheza wasn't with me. While shopping a test drove a 2015 Mustang (for fun) and fell in love with it. I bought it and really love my car. Funily enough it gets better Miles per gallon than most of the suv's I looked at. But it has one down side...... Dog transportation. I didn't think of the challenges of transporting a full grown husky in a leather interior sports car....ooops We used a hammock in the Mazda but the Mustang's back seat does not have any head rests. I tried a seat protector in the front seat but she is too much of a fidget to be in the front seat, plus I am afraid of airbags deploying. Long story short I am looking for a husky approved back seat hammock or cover that does not require headrests. My seats fold down if that helps and she wears shoes in the car for now but I would like to stop using them if I can figure it out. Anybody have a suggestions?
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