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  1. FOUND!! She had gone through the woods, cross country over many fields, into more woods, then an industrial estate only to then be hit by a train..BUT!..two men saw the moment it happened, got her to the vets and miraculously she has only severe bruising and has needed a quarter of her tail amputated. She is eating, drinking, everything! Though naturally is tired and skittish when going outside, but we have been told that we may have her home today or tomorrow. Thank you so much for the kind words of support and encouragement, it has meant so much. I am buying a Houdini harness for when she is well enough to use it!!!!
  2. Going out of my mind, but people like you all are helping me get through this, I just want her home so I can give her some much needed tlc xx
  3. Thank you everyone. As you all know, they are a hardy breed and can run for miles, I just pray she misses us enough to hold still and be caught to come home x
  4. My husky slipped her harness (little Houdini) and my daughter and I are devastated. Please could you take a moment to look at her poster, thank you
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