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  1. Let's see how this goes. Everyone fill in the blank, I would/want ______, but I can't because I own huskies. I want to have clean carpets, but I can't because I own huskies. I would own nice shoes, but I can't because I own huskies... They have so far eaten about half of my wife's shoes.
  2. I knew it would be a hard battle because our previous dogs had pottied in our hour a good bit in their old age, but these two are killing me. We feed them, then let them out for an hour. They come in and poop in the house. They will stop and pee, just a little all the time. They are 3 months now so, it isn't a bladder control thing. Short of replacing all of the carpet, any ideas on what to do? When I catch them I let them know that they did wrong. When they go outside, I praise them. HELP!!!!! Jamie
  3. Hopefully they will start to calm down. Biggest issue that I have is that ANYTHING that isn't a dog toy is preferred over all of their dog toys. I don't know why we even bothered in investing in them. A shoe left in dog reach is chewed up. Crayon, eaten. They got into a packet of quite pungent spice and ate it. That is on top of the carpet and the wall and the chair. I guess I'd forgotten after over 10 years with my other dogs what the puppy phase was like. At least they haven't destroyed anything too expensive... yet. Jamie
  4. Just wondering. These two are either sleeping or finding some form of badness to get into. They are at three months now and are big enough to get up on the counters. Jamie
  5. It wasn't meant as a joke or as any kind of insult. 1 in 4 humans have at some point in their lives moderate to sever depression/anxiety. My Aussi had anxiety pretty bad and we had to give him Xanax when storms came in or holidays where there were fireworks. I was just pointing out that it may not be a medical thing. The hiding of food and not eating sounds like an OCD behavior which is why I brought it up. If the zinc supplement is working then that is great! Jamie
  6. Have you discussed potential mental issues? It could be anxiety related or OCD behavior. It could be that a script of Prozac is all she needs. Jamie
  7. Both please. Second for Gurley as she is napping on her brother.
  8. Herschel loves his water bowl. Brother and sister napping.
  9. Aggressive dogs can be very challenging and hard to deal with. I owned an Australian Shepherd who was dog agro his whole life. I was never able to get him over it but fortunately was able to minimize it by limiting his exposure to other dogs. He was okay without me, like when he went to the vet so we could kennel him for vacations. He had a brother who we had first, and his brother was his only dog friend. He lived 14 years with only one bad incident that honestly was all our fault. I would caution that big dog and aggression can lead to big injuries so do what you can to find a good trainer who can work with you and your pet. Until then you need to be mindful of her aggression triggers and do what you can as an owner to minimize the risk that she has of being in those situations. It is best for her and for your human friends. Good luck! I hope you are able to find a solution that works for you. Jamie
  10. Mud we can handle. I've got a good carpet cleaner. I am getting a bit concerned for the leather furniture though. They eyeball it like it may be lunch one day. Jamie
  11. At their current rate of destruction, I expect the house to be in total ruins by March, April at the latest. But I do love them. I'm going to have to buy a play pin for them ASAP. Jamie
  12. Boy don't these two look sweet sleeping like that? Too bad they don't sleep all the time. So far they have found a favorite spot in my carpet that they want to destroy and as you can see they like wall paper. But I love them and they will grow up, RIGHT!?!?!?!?!? Jamie
  13. If you ever wonder which one loves you more, your dog or your wife. Lock them both in the trunk of your car. Open it up an hour later and see which one is happy to see you. A woman looking in a mirror laments that her hair was too gray, her body was too fat and her boobs were too saggy. Her husband responded, but your eyesight is damn near perfect... Jamie
  14. They have found their favorite spot in the house. In the kitchen right over the floor vent. I'm guessing I'll have to put in a raised bed so they can sleep over the cold air. Vet took a really good picture of them today when we took them in for micro chips.
  15. The huskies and I have a new game. I puppy proof the yard and then they show me all the spots that I've missed! I have the deck mostly complete now. I am going to start on the fence. I am amazed at how quickly these guys find a weakness in my defenses. I took them to the kids swim practice today. They were a big hit. All the parent and kids wanted a chance to hold/pet them. If only I knew about husky puppies when I was still dating. Oh well! PaulG, Yea, Gurley has quite the stare to her doesn't she. She's a sweetheart though.
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