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  1. (not entirely new to the site but I've been gone for about a year and a half after losing Dexter at 11 months due to a congenital liver shunt that couldn't be repaired) After Dexter having to be put down from his liver shunt a year and half ago now I decided to try again. Almost two months ago now I drove 560 miles total, down to MD, to pick up my little Jed. So far he's a healthy, energetic little Husky pup who loves to play and likes to eat everything (we have had one trip to the Vet for this already). He has a very sensitive stomach though which has lead him to a bland diet for the time being and some medicine to help harden up his loose stools. Other than that... he's presenting nice and healthy! I'm absolutely terrified of anything happening to him because of Dexter. He's a huge mama's boy and I'm so happy I finally went and got another Husky pup!
  2. nalwade

    Ava 07/16/15 #2

    Gorgeous Husky!
  3. He's doing well! He has his follow-up visit this Thursday. I'm going to talk to the Vet about supplements to help him gain some weight. I feel awful because he's so tiny! Thank you for asking! <3
  4. Dexter is doing well, the medication and food is keeping him stable and happy until he can undergo a second surgery! He has gained a little bit of weight and remains super happy, although after his surgery he was stuck in his kennel up until a few days ago... we noticed him getting super sad and he was all wound up sooooo my Husband and I agreed to get a second puppy BUT we didn't get another Husky, we thought of getting a pup who is a little more low key and not as high strung so we went with a Bloodhound. So far they are best friends lol Dexter cuddles with him and Moose licks Dexter and takes care of him and they play fight and they share everything. It's so freaking cute. Dexter seems much much much more happy and Moose loves his big brother! I attached some pictures for everyone to see
  5. Dexter has had a rough few weeks... he started to go downhill right before his surgery but he was stabilized and they went in to try and located the shunt and fix it. Unfortunately the shunt is inside his liver and not on the outside, which means at some point he will be needing another surgery. We have spent 10,000 dollars on Dexter within the last 7 weeks, and it really saddens me to say we are unable to get this second surgery at this time. So now our option is to either find a Husky Rescue that can take him and get him the surgery soon, or we try to medically manage him ourself and we keep him on a no protein diet and feed him supplements and continue his medication until we are able to give him his next surgery... it's really sad seeing him like this. He came home today, he has a little cone around his neck and he looks really sick and there is a huge cut down his belly. The cone is going to be on him for about 3 weeks and he can't do any running or exercise pretty much, for those 3 weeks. He is on blue hills prescription food and lactulose to help get the ammonia out of his stool. Fingers crossed he does well because the first week post-op is the most critical. Seizures are the big thing we are praying don't happen because they'll be bad enough to where he may have to be put down... even worse than seizures, he could fall into a coma by chance... so just everyone keep us in mind, please! I posted some pictures from the last two weeks... the one of Justin and him in the car was Tuesday morning (07-22-2015) before his surgery and the ones with the cone on his head are from today... he just came home. He's doing okay! Super sleepy! I love our little man. The other pictures are just a few cute ones and one from me holding him the third day he was stuck at the ER.
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