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    RIP Tyler

    RIP Tyler Some of you may know that I got my first Malinois a few months ago. He was about a year old when i got him, fitted into my home with my other dogs like he was part of the family and that it was meant to be. Last month he had to go into the vets with Stomach problems and seemed to be recovering until last night he started feeling very sorry for himself, at 5am he passed a lot of blood in the kitchen and i rushed him into the vets again. He stomach hadn't healed right after the Operation and had comlications that meant he lost blood suply to the rest of his stomach. I only had this boy a short time and i grew to care for him over night and i will miss him as he was more than a dog he was my support dog that helped me regain my indipendance in teh short time he picked up and took up that roll that allowed me to live a relativly normal life, to be able to shop and do other normal things I got him by accident as i had been looking for a dog to replace my old man GSD i lost in November who had retired at 15 years of age due to health problems. He came in and got on with my husky, all my human freinds and thier dogs, rose to the challange of being my support and picked up that training almost as quickly as he fitted into and became a part of my home, in the few months i had him I grew to love him over a few days as it seemed to be an instant match I will miss him as I have lost 2 dogs now in under a year
  2. I feed my three dogs on Raw, I buy the main meat pre mixed and minced up (80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 10% organ(offal)) i also by Spratts (small fish) turkey necks, and other items. They get the main meat as the base part of the meal. I then add some other items daily for a little diffence, raw egg, mixed veg, fish, liver chunks, heart chunks etc salmon oil pasta ( i by big 3 kilo sacks and add a cup full for each dog to a bowl pour on a kettle of water leave until cool and then add to dinner I found they were not very fond of plain chicken, but love the chicken mixed meat or beef lamb etc packs i buy I get my food from a raw dog food dealer not the cheap stuff in most pet shops The dogs love it and they are doing very well on it
  3. lol yes its hard to take a pic of your dog enjoying the sun when you havent seen a dry day for a few weeks and the garden is more pond that grass
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_9?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=body+worn+camera&sprefix=body+worn%2Caps%2C145&crid=20437QR41BZ23 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Conbrov-Camera-Definition-Camcorder-Recorder/dp/B0734VN8KY/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1527625868&sr=8-8&keywords=body+worn+camera https://www.amazon.co.uk/PNZEO-1920x1080P-night-vision-Wide-angle-Body-worn/dp/B074W5S76M/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1527625868&sr=8-17&keywords=body+worn+camera https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311.R1.TR9.TRC2.A0.H1.Xbody+worn+.TRS0&_nkw=body+worn+camera&_sacat=0 the basic things should be good enough as in my mind you could get the full on one with the harness that in some cases the idiots will see them and it will make things worse a hidden or not obvious one means you can record walks descreetly and no one will notice you have the cam, only other important thing is we walk dogs at all times of day and in all weather so they need to be water proof and infra red/ night vision
  5. Well i can see why police secuirty etc use them. you just slip on and turn on as you start your walk when you get home delete file unless you have a problem then you keep the file and call the police handing them a copy There are a few on Ebay and Amazon
  6. lol my husky has been called a walf a few times and my Malinois is a german shepherd or a mongrel worse are the village id um drunks that think they are experts in everything, that get anrgy and threatening when you correct them
  7. I have had simular issues and i am now thinking about getting a body worn camera just for my protection so if something happens it does not end up with hear say arguments I would have video of the whole thing and the person in the wrong would not be able to tell lies or get some one else to say they saw it all etc in the past i have borrowed thinsg that have helped with problems but to have my own worn every time i go out would be handy
  8. First make sure you buy your drugs from your vets or a pharmacist some of the stuff sold on ebay amazon etc is fake or low quality You need to make sure you are getting Vet strength meds not cheap low strength pet shop grade that do not work . Have you changed diet, did groomer feed treats as most hot spots are either fungal or diet allgeries they also can become habit forming for the dog, they no longer have the problem but are addicted to licking and chewing that spot. I have a white shepherd if she so much as sniffs a Pizza crust her fur starts dropping out and she is scratching and chewing it out as well, its one of the reasons i feed raw diet as i can see everything that goes into her bowl
  9. if you go to a full raw diet you need to feed food at these ratio's 80% muscle meat 10% organ meat 10% bone you can feed raw chicken portions chicken feet turkey necks. The food i feed comes in pre made packs 500 grams 1 kg or 2.5kg , they alos ell bags of heart liver kidney etc cut into chunks along with ribs feet necks and sprats (small fishes) i feed the basic mince mix as the basic diet and swap and change extra's. Raw eggs necks feet sprats salmon oil some cheap mixed veg so they do not get bored video_2018-05-24_02-49-40.mp4
  10. hose in tghe garden tied to something very heavy, could also put a towel down in the bath tied dog to the taps and smear a jar of peanut butter (non sweetner type) on the wall and bath husky whilst he licks it off tip is to put husky into a dry bath then add the water or use a shower head another way long lead or a rope toss dog in river when they get out add soap, toss back in river a couple times if he likes swimming that last one will not be as mean as it sounds
  11. Good addvice above I would also see if there si a facebook husky walking group near you. they may be able to help you and arrange meet up for play dates at parks or other walking spots. there are a lot of husky walking groups that set up meets at local sites so people can meet up have a chat and have a good long walk with other huskys. For some reason husksy and malamutes seem to react to and play with other huskys and malamutes differently than they so with other breeds. They seem to have a species thing about them that makes them recognize fellow sled dogs. I walk my husky with lots of different dogs but the husky pack we have is different and they act and play with each other
  12. We have a few people in the USA who feed raw I am sure they could help find a local suply for you
  13. You do not say where you are from as the people who could tell you about raw feeding can not help you find a supply, I have a company where i live in in South Wales who deliver to door from Haverford West to Cardiff Not sure how far north they goy but probably go all the way. at his age you would need a 450gram sleave and that works out at 75p each or 67. if you buy 24 at a time
  14. Saw this last night and i remember some one was asking about something like this, but not sure if it was on here or another place i use, So posting the link in case some one will find them helpful http://www.safedog.co.uk/ http://www.safedog.co.uk/
  15. that and pouring a few gallons of saline in after to make sure they washed him out
  16. its a movie you have to click on it
  17. ask the neighbours if they mind you adding some trellis to the walls to keep your dogs in. removing that step the walls are sat on would be damn near impossible
  18. Well he is recovering well just bored silly as he is only allowed out on lead to do his business, no running and not supposed to be jumping Scar is healing well as you can see just they shaved a huge patch video_2018-05-13_10-14-52.mp4
  19. before i made the switch to Raw diet i fed my dogs once a day I would put down 3 bowls of dry food, I am lucky that my 3 are not food agressive All three would eat a bit and go back and forth during the day to eat a bit more. in fact the big 17 kilo bag of food was even open and in the kitchen so self service was an option for food too, but they just at a little and went back when they wanted more. I then switched to raw food. I got a selection of various mixed food and plain chicken. my husky did not really seem to like the plain food, but all three now eat everything in one go and are looking really well. Just right now my malinois has had to go back onto a sensative diet due to being post Op when he is no long at risk from any infection and his stomach has healed i will be putting him back onto the raw food
  20. I have never been a fan myself of crate training but, with my recent problems witha sick dog getting bored and eating a kitchen cupboard and wrecking a bed I have been thinking that crate training my dogs so if need be they will be calm in an crate at extreme times. I have a husky a german shepherd and a Malinois. All 3 are big strong dogs and i know that dogs have a habit of trashing cages and escaping So the question is, Who makes a strong escape proof crate that is strong enough to keep a powerful dog like a husky or a malinois contained I am looking for a strong cage that can fold up for ease of storage when not being used. and one that is not rubbish that fulls apart the first time a dog has to stay in it
  21. He is playing you. get a good food (you do not say where you are from) if your in the UK you could try him on a BARF or Raw diet, i am guessing he would love chicken n beef. Chicken and Tripe, Lamb n beef (i find my dogs do not really like the plain chicken) He knows you will add something nice to his meal so he plays you looking sad knocking bowl over ignoring it. you can either keep letting him win or take food away then put it down again he may go a day two three four without eating but sooner or later by being tough and making sure he knows that is what he is getting and all he is getting he will eat it Dogs are not stupid they also know how to train ypou to do things the way they want you to do them. Huskys Mals Shepherds etc are all high IQ dogs and they will play mind games given half a chance and in a lot of cases the humans give in and let them take over High IQ dogs have the intelgence to make you look like an idiot more often than a dog like a lab
  22. 1_5086930441856876579.mp4 Corgi-puppy-charge-you-died.gif.mp4 video_2018-05-09_20-37-41.mp4
  23. it lasted 3 days, but was in the vets today He is a little swollen aroynd sheath and stitches and his temp was up which is to be expected with 40 min car trip on a warm day even with windows open does not need to be seen again until 18th unless somethimng changes
  24. only risk is parasites like worms, you can feed husksy raw chicken wings and portions if your on the raw food diet bones only become a problem once cooked only thing you can do is make a bird safe zone by putting a fence up to keep dogs away from birds
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