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    Look up for your nearest PDSA, Blue Cross, or RSPCA free clinic it could be grass seeds or any number of other problems they will have to knock her out to do a deep clean and inspection (just be carefull with the rspca they will not treat your animals if they are entire (have not been fixed) Those places offer free or cheap treatemnt if you are on benifits or low income
  2. its probably just bruising if vets are sure nothing is broken. should be ok after a few days.
  3. Its a pity you couldnt get some one on the forum to take him in. If i wasnt maxed out with dogs I might of taken him for a trail period or at least tried to see if he got along with my boys
  4. also who is feeding the dogs, food giver will be liked more than other people
  5. I use these people they have a facebook page they may deliver to you if you buy a large enough order I know they go down to Haverford west in wales and up to Cardiff If they can not suply direct to you they may be able to recomend a stockist near you as they do sell to 3rd party companies https://www.facebook.com/happyhoundswales2014/?locale2=en_GB
  6. So where did you guys post the Camp out pictures and Video's, those of us who didnt get to go havent seen the fun at this years camp
  7. PaulG


    Dont think my Husky would have let that happen would either have squished it the second it landed or eaten it in mid air
  8. Belgian Shepherds are split into 4 types Groenendael, Tervuren, Malinois and Lakenois The Mali and Lake look the same but the coats are different the Mali flat fine coat The Lake has a more wirey coat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian_Shepherd
  9. As many of you will know a few months ago I lost one of my dogs Well today a freind of mine was kind to help me out and drive me 200 miles to pick up my new Pup He is 14 weeks old when we arrived at the Farm he was bred on he was in Paddock with horses and donkeys next to it, Standing on a hump barking at us along with 5 other dogs of mixed ages. He is a Belgian Shepherd Malinois Lakenois cross. I think it will take him a few days to work out the big Fuzzy white and grey thing is actulay another dog, Uncle Louie is ignoring the growling and barks Will post more pictures in the next couple days want to get him calmed down and settled in before doing a real photo shoot, He has a lot to learn and get used to seeing as he will be my Service dog
  10. Netflix has just put up a new animated White Fang movie, have not watched it but i have been told it may be a little too graphic for young kids
  11. Got to ask but did you really not hear all that noise, the crash from the book case and all the stuff hitting the floor should have woken the dead
  12. Hp laptop, Galaxy tablet or Galaxy phone (hate apple products witha passion as i think they are over priced crap, i can use a £5 tappy pen on my screens the apple on costs 100)
  13. you sure it was the dog, looks more like teenagers had a party.....
  14. try gettinga bottle of cod liver or salmon oil from the pet store,
  15. PaulG

    Amy the hero

    In the usa they tend to run out of the vet schools just google dog blood donations (your state) and you should find them or ask your vet who runs it in your state/town/city
  16. PaulG

    Amy the hero

    Well done, hope you tell all Amy's doggie freinds about this and thier owners, the more dogs that take part the more that can be helped. if your really into it you could set up a local collection event
  17. Everyone knows that humans give blood to help those in need, but there is a small group of dog owners that let there dogs donate blood to save the lives of dogs in need Please take a look at this link for the UK, you will find info on google for for those that live elsewhere in the world one of our UK memebers just helped a dog after getting and S,O,S call from thier vet and has now signed up to take part in this, you never know when your dog may need help from one of these unsung hero dogs. https://www.petbloodbankuk.org/ could an admin pin this
  18. you should worm dogs every 3 months at least, puppies need working every few weeks as they eat everything will even eat thier own poop and reinfect themselves just get a broad spectrum vet strength (over the counter stuff at pet stores tends to be rubbish)
  19. PaulG

    Amy the hero

    take a look at these people https://www.petbloodbankuk.org/
  20. PaulG

    Amy the hero

    That is so good I wish more dog owners would sign up thier dogs to give blood every one forgets that some times dogs need blood products too just like humans its a pet project of mine to spread the word
  21. aww.... 1st husky aww its so cute 2nd husky if one is good 2 will make us so much happier and its fun for them to have a companion 3rd husky must have a pack but no more as we would be crazy 4th husky we gave up and got another ....... and are now known as that carzy family with all the wolf dogs down the street........
  22. PaulG

    RIP Tyler

    RIP Tyler Some of you may know that I got my first Malinois a few months ago. He was about a year old when i got him, fitted into my home with my other dogs like he was part of the family and that it was meant to be. Last month he had to go into the vets with Stomach problems and seemed to be recovering until last night he started feeling very sorry for himself, at 5am he passed a lot of blood in the kitchen and i rushed him into the vets again. He stomach hadn't healed right after the Operation and had comlications that meant he lost blood suply to the rest of his stomach. I only had this boy a short time and i grew to care for him over night and i will miss him as he was more than a dog he was my support dog that helped me regain my indipendance in teh short time he picked up and took up that roll that allowed me to live a relativly normal life, to be able to shop and do other normal things I got him by accident as i had been looking for a dog to replace my old man GSD i lost in November who had retired at 15 years of age due to health problems. He came in and got on with my husky, all my human freinds and thier dogs, rose to the challange of being my support and picked up that training almost as quickly as he fitted into and became a part of my home, in the few months i had him I grew to love him over a few days as it seemed to be an instant match I will miss him as I have lost 2 dogs now in under a year
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