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  1. I can not find it right now but there is/was a link floating around on facebook to cheap dog toys they are supposedly selling a kong toy for under 2 pounds (it has been reported as fraud/theft) DONT BUY FROM THEM its a con your order may come to 10 20 pounds but they take out hundreds no contact details on the web page and to safe guard your bank accounts you will have to cancle card and get a new one as well as do a call back on the funds so far no one who has brought anything from them has gotten anything in mail ,
  2. in the eyes of the law a dog is property so all they could do is charge with criminal damage, you would have to get some one like rspca involved to get them charged for that. Police dogs and horses are attacked a lot and in most cases they do not even bother to press charges for the attacks it was why we tried to bring the Finn's Law in to protect service animals but that stupid idiot polatiticain that blocks all member bills on principal that bloced teh upskirting law stopped it
  3. well if you have CCTV when he says not guilty and the court watches he will get reamed. If he has council they will probably have seen it too and tell him to admit guilt as you can not beat the cctv hopefully he will get more time inside for breaching parole so i wish you all luck good for you bad for him
  4. PaulG

    Secret Santa 2018

    awwws no fun this year, but understand on side not that means i only have to buy 5 doggy xmass gifts this year, only 3 for my own woofers lol
  5. I feed my dogs Raw food, they get a raw egg every few days with no problems, they get little add ons to the basic raw meat diet one day an egg, next some fish, big lump of liver or real tripe etc along with the fishy oils
  6. any funky discharge from a bitch parts needs vet trip ASAP as it could be a Pyo which can be fatal if untreated. Hopefully its just a normal UTI and i wish you both luck
  7. Go to the shops look for the Jumbo Thick hot dogs cut a lump off and make a small hole with the end of a tea spoon handle or point of scissors poke pill in and toss to him after offering a few times make a game of it here s treat do you want it pretend to goive take away get him excited then toss to him to catch should swallow without even chewing if it works you can freeze the dogs in singles and just thaw one a day for pill giving
  8. I would also report it to the Doggy Day Care, they will want to check records and inform owners to have dogs vet checked as some one brought in a dog with an infections and all dogs need to be seen by a vet They will also need to ask owners not to bring in dogs that could be infected until they have a clean bill of health This is a problem with day care, you have to hope they day care and other dog owners value dogs health, all it takes in one person to being ina sick dog and a whole lot of people end up with vet bills
  9. when he is better have you thought about a raw food diet, my shep has food allergies and i swaped to it nearly a year ago now and have not had any problems in fact they all seem to be thriving on it and eargeryly wait for food to be served
  10. Was a spooky story.......lol surprised more people havent commented
  11. is every one sitting down
  12. Hope he is ok. who does your insurance others may wish to know
  13. watched a couple episodes For those who remember the first version the new one is FULL ON witch craft no more cute comedy its dark and depressing, Salem the cat is still there but no more Salem humour or sarcastic back chat he is just a cat. New character is a Cousin who seems to have sort of replaced Salem. When i said its full on witch craft i mean full on, You have the Dark Lord goat man Devil showing up curses and deaths. Some one gets killed by a pair of flying scissors on the first 5 mins. If you liked the original series you will probably hate this one as the format has been totaly changed from comedy to full on gore, Ghosts, deamons and evil witches etc if you have never seen the old show you may like this but its NOT a kids show any more its not eve harry potter level death scenes I might watch a coupole more episodes to give it a chace but i liked the old show better as i Miss Salems back chat and quips
  14. Movie based on true story of female amarican Marine Dog Handler and her dog. Good movie
  15. PaulG

    Secret Santa 2018

    I am in UK only and tjis year items will be sent reg'ed or recorded after last years cock up with the gifts. Oh i forgot to say I made a 20 quid donation to Hope Rescue a local pet aid charity to me for compensation to last years mess as well
  16. A tv company was recently busted for recording and using voice's it heard around the tv i think they even sold the data mined that way As to smart tech until they have ultra high level secuirty i will not even think about it last year a bunch of huge DDos attacks on networks were back traced to jacked smart devices like light switches etc as at the time they were too easy to hack and being connected to wifi home networks it gave them a back door in like the old hack the printer back door that has mostkly been fixed now
  17. erms last time i looked at the facebook page it said it was being closed soon
  18. dont panic as it can drop at any time. also its not good to neuter dogs like huskys until the growth plates on the bones have attached so they shouldnt be done until 18 months 2 years of age anyway. early neutering of dogs can lead to many health issues later in life
  19. Burt Reynolds, the wisecracking 1970s movie heartthrob and Oscar nominee, has died at the age of 82. According to Us Weekly, he passed away in a Florida hospital of a heart attack, attended by his family. The moustachioed actor had undergone heart bypass surgery in 2010. Reynolds is survived by his son, Quinton. He shot to fame in 1972's Deliverance, and also starred in Smokey and the Bandit, Boogie Nights and The Cannonball Run. The veteran actor's agent, Todd Eisner, told NBC News his passing was "heartbreaking". Reynolds died at the Jupiter Medical Center in Florida, according to the Hollywood Reporter. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-38589977 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000608/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  20. going to get even bigger as in the usa its also rebranded and sold under a lot of different brand names but all made by the same people
  21. More info here the link to the actual law suit listing who is sueing etc and more people are requesting to be added to it https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/856646-taste-of-the-wild-class-action-says-dog-food-contains-pesticides-metals/
  22. ok if your male or have a hubby/BF this might help, take dog and give hubby BF a few cans of beer larger cider and get him and the dog to march around the outside of your house in the fields etc scent marking at random spots. You could even get him to pee in a watering can at night etc so they can add to area not done already in daylight.
  23. PaulG


    Look up for your nearest PDSA, Blue Cross, or RSPCA free clinic it could be grass seeds or any number of other problems they will have to knock her out to do a deep clean and inspection (just be carefull with the rspca they will not treat your animals if they are entire (have not been fixed) Those places offer free or cheap treatemnt if you are on benifits or low income
  24. its probably just bruising if vets are sure nothing is broken. should be ok after a few days.
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