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  1. i have always said if you put a doctor and a vet in the same room and ask them does desexing  cause health problems is fun when you get to medical people  having an argument

    I have seen a Doctor call a vet  dumb moron that knows nothing about Biology and should ask for thier money back from the place they studied at.

    it is fact desexing cuases many health issues but vets completely ignore these issues and instead say oh they will feel better be healthier. some one i know was told that thier 8 week old playfull puppy was being Hormonal and Agressive and needed to be desexed as fast as possable to stop it being dangerous.  after talking to me my freind changed vets 

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  2. so you are gping tp pay some one to write ypur paper for you.  you do know that most of thiese paper writing sites are well known and when turning in the papers the graders will see  its a fake paper and fail you

    the idea behind education is that YOU learn the subject then write your own paper

    when you finnish your studies and try to do the job you went to collage/Uni for your employers will quickly work out you are not qualified for the job and fire you

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  3. 7 hours ago, 2Huskyfun said:

    Does anyone know how to get the purple off her??? LOL I tried hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and dawn soap.

    Vet says it should wear off in about a week. But everyone  that sees her starts laughing and says “o my is that normal for that breed?” I say with the biggest smile “yep!” 

    Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It has been a long last 30 sum odd hours. 

    ok years ago i used to get that purple spray on my hands all the time working with sheep and cows, the only thing we found that got rid of it by accident was

    Brut 33   the aftershave seemed to work best  but being a dye it on teh fur, it will be hard to get off  but a few dabs with a soaked cotten ball  should get a lot off

    we tried everything  the green slimey swarfega soap for engineers the pink one with micro beads  all sorts of bar and liquid soap and washing up liquids  but the brut 33 seemed to loosen the stuff up and then the soap after seemed to work a bit so a fewsplashes of brut got most off




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  4. 4 hours ago, Andy said:

    Yes I've been twatted in the nuts with the heavy screw up type. however mostly it was them constantly slapping against my knees (I've got one of Sids Bungee walking belt and that adds about 6 inches to the length and they hang down a little further)

    my belts from Sid too, the front hitch type so on a loose lead is right in the primary target zone lol


  5. 2 minutes ago, robke said:

    I also use lightweight aluminum carabiners there is Loads of them on amazon 

    And yes it was eye watering with a steel one...lol

    might want to ask Sid to swap to lightweight for us guys

    I was looking at amazon but i have seen some of those so called  climbing quality ones break, thanks to them being cheap chinese knockoffs

    but now i have a make/type/style i can look around better in climbing stores when i find one local to me they all seem to by in north wales  london or the costwold


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  6. 10 minutes ago, Andy said:

    Hi Paul

    these are the ones I use



    lightweight at only 80 grams but "proper" climbing Carabiners with snap-lock closures twist to open, release and they auto snap closed.

    Strong enough that my two on the same carabiner can be lunging crazy because they've seen a deer in the field and no chance of them breaking it

    lol guess you had same issue i had with the steel ones

    my husky was off to the side ona  loose lead shook and whiped the lead around and i got slapped and found it to be eye watering

  7. Ok i just got my new Indi Dog walking belt but i have descovered a small problem..... The heavy Karabiner suplied was not made for men

    Husky on a loose lead shook and jumped  and oh boy does it hurt when the heavy weight slaps you in the crotch area......

    So any rock climbers out there able to recommend a light weight alloy Karabiner and good online store to buy it from as most do not say

    how heavy the hook is just how much weight it can take before it breaks.

  8. another trick to help is get a meat dish add some water and a little washing soap the stand a canlde on the dish

    any fleas left in teh room will move to the candle but the water with soap will drown them (must have the soap)  and as said the house must be fumigated with an anti flea spray.

    you need one that will kill adult flea, Larva and Eggs, and it may take a few cans to treat the whole house as you need to spray everything can help if you give a good vacum around  first but use a bag hoover and seal each bag in a plastic bag that does not have holes in or the buggers will escape. do carpets  sofa etc move sofa tables  etc and do under then and around the edge of the rooms even under your bed and both sides of teh matress

    then sray the house or see if you can get one of the industrial strength bug bomb things that will gas the whole house in one go  (set off, run, come back few hours later open windows wait couple hours then put down fresh water

  9. The issue with dogs is around the owner all dogs are sweet and innocent but time and time again dogs not just huskies have escaped and gone on a rampage

    all dog breeds have the capacity to be natrual born killers. all dogs need to be watched and looked after with due care those breeds known to have high prey drive more so

    too many owners are complacent with thier dogs that result in live stock being killed and injured every year.

    They say dogs are like 3 to 5 year old children  would you leave a child of that age un watched in a kitchen full of pans cooking on the stove and sharp knives or leave them in a workshop with saw and chissles

    No you would not.

    but people do that with dogs all the time

    and its the poor farmers and thier livestock that pay the price

  10. Huskys are an Indipendant type, you can train them basic stuff  but when they get to about 18 months 2 years old the true husky side takes over and most training will go out the window

    They respond best to food  and you must work on recall every day,  I am not saying husky can not be trained just they take a lot of work and will some days react  to a command  with ..... what is in it for me if i do it

    its like a lot of huskys will just look at you  with a if you wanted the ball why did you throw it away look

    they will never be in the obediance class it dog shows but they can learn to do some things and will mostly do it if you have a pocket full of treats but just expect  them to some days ignore everything you ask


    My personal recomendation for treats is small slivers of hot dog, you can cut one up into 20/30 slices  and they tend to find them very tasty

  11. TBH  most vets do not seem to learn how to do a bandage on anything apart from a Leg, over the years i have learned to bandage all sorts of joints and other body parts.

    as to the honey it is probably cheaper buying it that way as teh vets would add a large markup on the price, things you can buy for a couple quid from your  high street chemists

    Bandages Gauze  wound dressings etc  they will charge 10 pounds for or more, long ago one of my dogs needed eye drops, the vets charged me nearly 40 for a med i could get from boots for about 7.50 over the counter

    was exactly the same stuff too (one of my peeves about vets is teh HUGE mark up they put on things, like dressings, everything they use is  what you can get on teh high street at a fraction of the cost)

    Also teh BIG vet schools  Glasgow (probably the best) London  etc are cheap to use as they will ask if you mind your animal being used as a teach aid so they can show  students how to do stuff you just have to get to them

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  12. 15 hours ago, Jon and Luna said:

    Thank you for this input, however I was not concerned about her killing sheep !!!. 

    I wanted to know where to get a really long lead.




    lol if your husky is on a Long lead its not off lead.....   just google Robinsons they sell horse stuff and you want a Lunge line

  13. Just go into Google and use any one of the following terms in the search.


    Husky kills

    Husky kills sheep

    Husky kills livestock


    Every year people let  off thier husky and it ends badly for the dog and some poor farmers live stock

    In the UK now farmers are able to shoot the dog or have it put to sleep by police, they also now sue for damages and loss of income from lost live stock

    so you bill could end up costing 70 or 80 thousand plus farmers legal costs

    Husky's have a high prey drive, every time some one lets one off and it ends badly it puts out a bad image for the breed

    its ok to let a husky off in a fenced area but in open woodland or farm feilds  don't 

    simple rule   never let a husky off lead , do not do it, nope, never, never ever  just don't do it


  14. 12 hours ago, wolfpup said:

    Unfortunately he cannot have rice or chicken because of his food allergies.    Am going to the butchers today for some marrow bones and will make another batch of bone broth.    I stayed up with him till 4.30am  then hubby took over and I got around 3 hours sleep.     Finally got the gabapentin down him.      

    sorry forgpt about those,   but i wish him well


  15. unless you understand stock trading   DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME

    Stock trading is a gamble. you need to understand global markets how news from around the world affects international exchange rates and a lot more you need to get all the news on weather, business take overs trade reports

    and the online get rich quick with our stock trading software adds are all a rip off. if it was really so easy  there would be no stock broker companies with experts who get paid huge wages giving people addvice and managing there portfolios of stocks


    My addvice go speak to your local bank manager they will have  people who can addvise you on stocks, but  you will probably be better off putting your money into a high intrest savings account

  16. 1 hour ago, Shepsky5 said:

    My dog takes Nexgard to protect against fleas/ticks and Nexgard Spectra is the more "advanced" version (see below)
    Supposedly it prevents heartworm as well, so maybe don't have to give separate heartworm treatment? 
    I haven't read the reviews yet... phew, it looks more expensive than Nexgard! 


    "Nexgard Spectra is the advanced version of Nexgard. Though its administration and protection time is exactly the same as Nexgard, it provides a wider range of treatment.  Where Nexgard is only effective against fleas and ticks, Nexgard Spectra successfully eliminates fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms as well. Additionally, it prevents heartworm infection when provided regularly."

    hmmm yep, there are some questionable reviews...dogs feeling sick, vomiting, etc.

    Maybe ask vet why he wanted to prescribe the newer Spectra vs regular old Nexgard,
    or if you're free to use whatever tick/flea preventive you prefer? 

    well the dog its for is my Service dog and i pay roughly £15 a month for complete service, all worming Vacinations  health checks  etc over the year.

    They started the new thing as a one hit monthly  treatment that will protect nearly all worms  etc in one thing instead of the hand full of pills and drops to go on back

    I was told when i said i tried him on a flea and worm mix tablet last year he had upset tummy (was not same  stuff)  my new vet said if there was any problems i would  be able to get a complete refund and go back to old style

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