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  1. Google your local rescue centre. as there are lots of huskys that have been dumped because people thought the cute litte puppy fluff ball would be the oerfect dog for them. a short time later they are dumped on gumtree pets4home with the same over used stories We are having a baby we suddenly moving house and cant take dog with us we now work different hours to name a few
  2. Throwing up can be a sign of worms, will be worth going to the vets to get a couple doses, you need a couple doses as its best to worm one type, then use another a couple weeks later to get rid of all types of worms (the all in one doses can be very harsh) as to diet/food you could try a raw food diet, i have yet to see any dog turn its nose up or be fussy over raw
  3. Sounds about normal Dogs are not robots, like children they all learn and develope at different rates Did you actulay do an research on dog breeds before you got your dog, as different breeds have different breed traits of behaviour Did you find out that Huskys have a high prey drive and after a while you will have to keep them on a lead so they do not kill cats wildlife and even small toy breed dogs. That as a husky owner you will nt have a dog that walks at heel turns and has perfect behaviour, but will drag you up the road pulling your arm out the socket You need to start reading a lot of books and webpages fast, as you have a lot to learn about the dog you just got, how to live with it how to train it (in as much as you can train a husky)
  4. oh yes the husky owner begging huskies to come in before neighbours report you for being cruel leaving your dogs out in the cold........ I just say the colder it is the more energy a husky has
  5. lol if the temp drops to like minus 30 degree's Cent start to worry that he might feel chilly on a side note yes it gets hot so people will say have him clipped .......NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER do this, the just coat is thermal and helps keep them cool as well as warm, avoid too much time in direct sun, so give him shade to sit in, and try to make excerise walks early morning late evening when its cooler Cliping the coat will ruin the double layers as a husky has a dense fluffy layer of lower fur and then longer guard fur, which is the grey fur pattern you see the lower inner fur is just white. with the coat clipped you will put him at risk of skin cancer. Sun burning and it could take 2 or 3 years for his coat to grow back to normal looking fur
  6. Ok i better explain, Begining of October I had a bit of a shock, I pee'd Blood, rushed in to see a doctor was booked in fast for tests, Had those test no stones but something did show up in my bladder on the ultrasound, Further tests that i can say as a male were not much fun revealed a growth in my bladder, I am booked in to see the surgeon tomorrow, and will get some pre Op tests to make sure i healthy enough for it I will als be getting the long talk on how they will remove it again not going to be much fun for a guy, But thankfully I will be out cold or have an Epidural It will be an over night stay and i will have to wait for the full biopsy reports on what they remove. Basicly if any one else has lived with this i could do with a chat in IM as you will know what i am facing, speaking with a doctor is one thing but some one that has lived with it can probably help more As depending on results i will have to make choices about what happens to with my dogs etc
  7. Sorry we are at crossed terms here, Invisable fence Electric Fence. as i come froma farming background The invisable Fence is a wire that you used to burry or lay on the ground that carried a signal the dogs/livestock wore a collar that gave them a shock if they got to close to or tried to cross the wire (this type is Ilegal under the shock collar ban in the UK and Wales not sure about scotland). Electric Fencing (mesh rabit fence about 16 inches high sheep net about 3 foot Orange mesh nylon. Ribbon 1 inch wide (lots of colours) Stand Orange nylon cord, or plain wire. Any farm shop will be able to sell you this stuff, You can get eiether plastic poles (being honest they brake easy) you would probably be better to buy some short wood pole hammer them in and then use the nail/screw on insulators to hold a 2 strands one about 6 inches off teh ground another about 18 inches the low wire to stop them crawling under the upper wire to stop them jumping the fence. You will have to clear a line for the fence to run when it is switched on, as a plant even blade of grass touching the wire will ground the fence and stop it working you can test the fence 2 ways, at the end point fae end away from the power box grab the wire with your hand to feel the kick or get the fence tester box that has a small stick ona wire you put in the ground and then touch the fence with it and watch a light flash in time with the Tick Tick Tick you will hear from the fence power box, Give the company a call and they will give you addvice on the correct power box to buy mains, Car battery, Solar etc, and addvice one the type of fence conductor wire tape sting etc I still say short wood poles would be best as you can buy lots of colours of preservative dye/paint and either hide them with it or make them a feature of the garden https://www.agrisellex.co.uk/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInpf1o5PQ5QIVi7TtCh2wzgOSEAAYAiAAEgIfNfD_BwE
  8. sleeping pups do breath fast, but if you are worried go see a vet for a full health check
  9. I am not sure if they are even legal in the UK any more as they used to use shock collars, you would have to check on the legal situation first. best bet if teh dog is taking a long run up to jump the fence is put in a smaller fence a couple feet from the bigger fence. that shortens the distance of a run up they have
  10. if they are jumping the fence you could put a trip wire in, place it 3 or 4 feet in front of the fence teh idea is to stop them getting the long run up to get the speed needed to make it to the top of the fence by having to hop over the wire they break the speed they have and only have a couple feet to get the speed
  11. depends on the dog, I gave my last dog bed away as it sat in the kitchen and was tripped over for a couple years but never slept in by any dog some times used to find things stolen from the bin in it but never saw any dog use it. my husky sleeps on the floor mostly in the bathroom or kitchen as the lino is cool. My shep sleeps on my bed My Malinois will get on the bed for a while then curl up on the floor next to it in my life of dogs i have had one or two that would use a bed teh rest slept on the floors or furnature
  12. lets see any addvice...... Concrete your garden the husky side makes them like digging and they could pop up into next doors or futher aways garden there is a youtube video of a husky hole that has room enough for two huskys to go into turn around and pass each other. Huskys can climb fences. Be ready to find fur balls every where, I find clumps of fur in my oven. They have a strong prey drive so a lunge and jump at a blown leaf can be common Or getting dragged to one side after a squrrel that just ran up a tree will also happen a lot you could invest in Bungy lead and Walking Belt as a memmber of this site you can get a discount from Indi Dog and you will have to hope your neighbours are ok with husky singing at all hours
  13. first thing get dog to vets next check leaves in case its toxic and check around leaves for rat bait wrapper or something else but most important get the dog to the vets
  14. LOL so what was his reply when you asked him..... as so far 2 other males have said they can be an issue lol
  15. i have always said if you put a doctor and a vet in the same room and ask them does desexing cause health problems is fun when you get to medical people having an argument I have seen a Doctor call a vet dumb moron that knows nothing about Biology and should ask for thier money back from the place they studied at. it is fact desexing cuases many health issues but vets completely ignore these issues and instead say oh they will feel better be healthier. some one i know was told that thier 8 week old playfull puppy was being Hormonal and Agressive and needed to be desexed as fast as possable to stop it being dangerous. after talking to me my freind changed vets
  16. ok years ago i used to get that purple spray on my hands all the time working with sheep and cows, the only thing we found that got rid of it by accident was Brut 33 the aftershave seemed to work best but being a dye it on teh fur, it will be hard to get off but a few dabs with a soaked cotten ball should get a lot off we tried everything the green slimey swarfega soap for engineers the pink one with micro beads all sorts of bar and liquid soap and washing up liquids but the brut 33 seemed to loosen the stuff up and then the soap after seemed to work a bit so a fewsplashes of brut got most off
  17. my belts from Sid too, the front hitch type so on a loose lead is right in the primary target zone lol
  18. lol only upgrade i would recomend for us guys is swapping out the heavy steel Karabiner for a lightweight Alloy one as the steel one is eye watering if it hits us guys in the crotch area other than that i love my new belt i just got.
  19. might want to ask Sid to swap to lightweight for us guys I was looking at amazon but i have seen some of those so called climbing quality ones break, thanks to them being cheap chinese knockoffs but now i have a make/type/style i can look around better in climbing stores when i find one local to me they all seem to by in north wales london or the costwold
  20. lol guess you had same issue i had with the steel ones my husky was off to the side ona loose lead shook and whiped the lead around and i got slapped and found it to be eye watering
  21. Ok i just got my new Indi Dog walking belt but i have descovered a small problem..... The heavy Karabiner suplied was not made for men Husky on a loose lead shook and jumped and oh boy does it hurt when the heavy weight slaps you in the crotch area...... So any rock climbers out there able to recommend a light weight alloy Karabiner and good online store to buy it from as most do not say how heavy the hook is just how much weight it can take before it breaks.
  22. sounds like she is glad your home and wants attention next time get her to sit and rub her ears and huve a cuddle to say hello but make sure she is sitting as jumping on people is not nice
  23. know the breed I have a Malinois Lakenois cross
  24. another trick to help is get a meat dish add some water and a little washing soap the stand a canlde on the dish any fleas left in teh room will move to the candle but the water with soap will drown them (must have the soap) and as said the house must be fumigated with an anti flea spray. you need one that will kill adult flea, Larva and Eggs, and it may take a few cans to treat the whole house as you need to spray everything can help if you give a good vacum around first but use a bag hoover and seal each bag in a plastic bag that does not have holes in or the buggers will escape. do carpets sofa etc move sofa tables etc and do under then and around the edge of the rooms even under your bed and both sides of teh matress then sray the house or see if you can get one of the industrial strength bug bomb things that will gas the whole house in one go (set off, run, come back few hours later open windows wait couple hours then put down fresh water
  25. The issue with dogs is around the owner all dogs are sweet and innocent but time and time again dogs not just huskies have escaped and gone on a rampage all dog breeds have the capacity to be natrual born killers. all dogs need to be watched and looked after with due care those breeds known to have high prey drive more so too many owners are complacent with thier dogs that result in live stock being killed and injured every year. They say dogs are like 3 to 5 year old children would you leave a child of that age un watched in a kitchen full of pans cooking on the stove and sharp knives or leave them in a workshop with saw and chissles No you would not. but people do that with dogs all the time and its the poor farmers and thier livestock that pay the price
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