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    Have lived in Vermont since 1974.Worked as licensed electrician for 29 yrs at the University of Vermont.First woman to receive Journey License in Vermont.I am now retired.Have had dogs all my life.My Siberian Husky Skye was rescued off the streets of Burlington, Vermont.No collar or micro chip.I have had Skye for six yrs now.I knew that Skye was special from the start,I knew what my responsibility to meet her needs would be.When I was working I had a person who has an insured pet business. I Still have him come once a week or when needed.He is Skye's other family member. I also take Skye to a doggy daycare near me.She loves it and they lover her.It is a small operation so that their are only a small group of dogs.I also board her their.I don't have friends who have fenced yards or will just be able to keep her safe.Doors closed, always on leash.I have a yard that is 1/2 acre with six ft fence.A recreation path and park right across the road.She is a wonderful family member.Gets me out everyday.I do draw the line at -20F below.People except other Siberian dog owners can not understand these wonderful dogs.
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    Social Justice,Skye,Golf,Long Distance Motorcycling,Winter sports

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  1. One happy Skye.Just got done romping in the woods.Stop at brook to cool off.Then trying to find rabbits in the fields.Next digging in the mud.Just another day with mom.
  2. Looked to see if Tapatalk had any Husky forums. Sent from my iPad
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