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  1. Hi all, it's been a while since I last posted and so much has happened with Kramer and I. He's only gone and got himself a girlfriend. The lovely Layla [emoji16][emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  2. What does quote mean????
  3. Hi all. Hope you are well. Not been on for a while. But in that time Kramer and I have been doing loads of socialising, growing and puppy sitting. Here are a few pics. Hope you all like them
  4. ll hope you all well. Firstly we've started meeting up with a some new friends for some great days out walking. There's Kita the all white 14 month old Akita and Amber the brown/cream 13month old husky. We aim to meet at least once during the week preferably over the weekend. We go over to Dunham Massey, chorlton water park and sometimes get access to a fenced field for a small fee (£5) for the day. On the walk on Saturday we met Zeus a 10 month old husky he and Kramer got on like a house on fire. I've added a few pics. Now to the neighbours and there spritely adorable puppies. They have a litter of 8 mixed coloured husky pups. There is little Kima who is making me broody and I think Kramer may soon have a friend to play with.
  5. Hi all. I recently went to visit the vet for Kramer's monthly health check and he is 15.6kg. He aha put 5kg on in four weeks. He is four months old. Is this a good weight for a bright bubbly boy? The nurse said he is gonna be big and solid haha but, he's totally fine. I've tried to find out weights for pups his age but just can't find any size charts or anything. Answers on a post card please Gav and Kramer
  6. Great feeling when you finally get to bring them home. Beautiful boy
  7. gavsam8


    Hi all, I've not been on for a while. In this time Kramer has grownnnnn. He's teething at the moment and chewing on every toy and chew thing he's got and not the furniture ? But more importantly I often find him posing on the stairs. I think it's totally hilarious. It's as if he's waiting for me to take pics. ????
  8. Hi and welcome to the pack. Beautiful boy you got there
  9. So today. Rocco my neighbours rescue German Shepard was allowed to come out and play. It was all a bit tense to begin with as he had not been around any other dogs during his time in his former home. But after some safely managed introductions the boys got on like a house on fire. Kramer loved it. Kramer and Gav Chief, Rocco and Kramer drinks a plenty husky boys -Chief and Kramer
  10. Hi all, So Kramer has been socialising like crazy on his mini travels. And also he's been chilling with our neighbours huskies. Well with Chief as Mya is pregnant and a bit cranky lol. Here are a few pics of the weekend ? Floyd (boxer) and Bracken (chocolate Labrador)
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