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    Hey! Im just a boy with alot of dreams... and one of them is own a husky.
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    Music and long walks

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  1. True, i love all the dogs, but i found this one a little bit "ugly" for a husky, they dont have so much hair
  2. I found this male dog near to my house, im wondering if this is a husky or a malamute.. Help please, people here say that this is a husky, but i dont agree
  3. Lmao i believe, they are such a nice breed, im getting mine next week probably
  4. I dont wanna a guard dog xD, i was telling you guys a story, i had a german shepherd and a pitbull in the past, now i want other type of dog
  5. I agree with you! Maybe you dont believe me... but my friend had a husky called Wolfie and he was walking in the street with the dog and a guy appears and tried to rob him... the husky bited the guy. I didnt mentioned this in the forum cause the dog was not "normal" huskys were not made for that... now that i remember this story i have no doubts... husky is a loyal dog to the owner. I know labs and golden retreviers that did the same thing, dogs are not dumb
  6. So, for you guys that have huskys... you think your pet loves you? Or he just loves everyone? I mean, i think they may create a strong relationship with you. I know that they love everyone, but maybe they have other type of love with you, you guys know what i mean?
  7. Thanks for the answer Clare.. What is a loyal dog for you? How can i know if a dog is loyal to me?
  8. Why some people say that Huskys are not loyal?
  9. Thank you for the answer! My apartment is not like a 1 bedroom, i have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.. and my main room is medium size, and my terrace is medium size too eheh. I have been searching for a few people who have huskys in Portugal, and i found 2 in my city, but the prices are very different.... one guy is selling for 250 euros and thats alot of money, and the other is selling for 120 euros, thats a good price, i dont know what to do :/ And here in my country its almost impossible to find a husky on a shelter, we dont have dogs like huskys in here, we are more famous for the german shepherds xD
  10. Hello guys, my name is Francisco and i live in Portugal, im 17 years old, my dream was always about dogs.. i wanted dogs so bad, i had a german shepherd when i was a little boy and i adopted a dog from a shelter when i was a little boy too... the german shepherd died because of a skin disease, and my favourite dog from the shelter died because of a idiot on a car.. the guy just run down my baby.. i never had more dogs because after that i lived in apartments.. and i still live, but now the apartment is alot bigger... and i have a terrace for the dog, the terrace is like 15 meteres, is not huge and its not small... i think its normal. I always knew this wonderful breed.. the Husky, but didnt knew alot of things about them... a couple time ago i began to read more about Huskys and i fell in love... i already know the negative and positive points of the breed, i know they have alot of energy, they are great escape artists, and cant be trusted of leash.. and i know alot more, i read all about them. But i want your opinion about my situation... can i have a husky in a apartment like this? My terrace is average.. i would walk the dog 3-4 times a day and also run with him alot alot, when he get more older... im so sad and i feel so alone in my life... i just need a friend, a good friend... a loyal one.. i heard some people sayng that huskys are not loyal but i dont believe in them.. Huskys are just special dogs, with special needs, and they are independent.. like cats. I just finished highschool... and i will be a few years doing nothing... i have all the time for the dog, i would dedicate all my time for the dog... running, training.. etc.. I hope you guys give me your opinion.. i think i already know the asnwer... buy yea, thank you and sorry about my bad english
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