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  1. He has been playful with me just panics a little when we leave i give him his kong if I have to leave. I tried making it a game with his food but he still didnt care. He seems to be fine otherwise he is drinking and playing. Thanks everyone for answering makes me feel a bit better.
  2. My husband and I recently moved to a new house over the weekend and our husky hasnt touched his food in 4 days. I have tried putting it into oneof his toys and still nothing. I managed to get him to eat a little bit of canned dog food yesterday but I would prefer he ate his kibble. Should I be worried or just leave his kibble down and let him eat it when he is ready?
  3. He is on PC Nutrition First Lamb & Oatmeal for sensitive stomachs
  4. My 1 year old husky seems to be suffering from a dry coat this winter. He has been very itchy and I notice when I am brushing him that he has some dandruff as well. Any suggestions on what I can do to help make his coat less dry?
  5. How often should you bathe a husky especially during their shedding
  6. He seems to be bored of his kibble that's why I am thinking about changing. When I put his kibble down he just looks at it and walks away from it. He will eat it eventually, but sometimes he goes an entire day before he does. We took him to the vet he isn't loosing weight and is healthy so there's no concern with health, I just think he is bored of his food.
  7. Can I get people's opions on raw food diets for my husky please? He is currently on kibble but I have been told by a few people now to maybe try the raw food diet.
  8. Thank you! I will for sure keep an eye on his weight and behavior.
  9. I have a 7 month old male husky and the last week he doesn't seem very interested in his food. Normally we feed him twice a day but this last week the food we put down for him in the morning seems to last him all day. I'm not sure if maybe he is bored of his food or if it is because it has been so hot outside or if he just doesn't need to eat as much anymore. He is still very active and playful and not showing any signs on feeling ill so is this something I should be concerned with? (p.s. this is also my first dog so any information/help would be greatly appreciated!)
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