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  1. That did make me laugh - by air. I actually looked at by sea but that's like 80-90 days travel and apparently 74,500 Euros - so don't think that's going to happen. He'll go by plane and am going to see one of the operators on Monday to pick out a crate which we can train him in over the next few months. I was OK about it all until my husband started to worry, and I started asking questions. Now I can't stop thinking about him howling in the cargo all by himself for 22 hours Was hoping someone else would say they've attempted it and it was fine as some reassurance.
  2. Hi All, We're looking at moving from the UK to NZ with our husky in 3/4 months time. He'll be three years old, but has separation anxiety and I was a bit naive in thinking that someone's in cargo with them but that isn't the case. We're now worried as we've managed to leave him on his own for 3-4 hours but not for 12 hours as will be needed for this kind of flight. The pet travel operators think it will be fine, but we're worried/nervous and wondered if anyone's attempted this before? We have a few months to work with a trainer on this, but wondered in the meantime if anyone had any advice? Cheers in advance!
  3. I'm sure there must be other posts about neutering/spaying etc but I couldn't find any. Without starting WWIII we wondered about other Husky Owners thoughts on this To give a bit of background, our pup, Dave, is a 8mo (almost 9) male Sibe pup who is very enthusiastic/energetic. Hes developed what our vet termed "an unhealthy interest" in his 'bits' (for want of a better phrase) as he licked the area so much he gave himself an infection. We've been stopping him from doing this now (its mostly overnight so we weren't really aware of it), but our vet went on a rant about all the terrible consequences and why he has to be neutered. She's very pro and unwilling to discuss any alternatives. We've heard the argument on both sides and really just want to be sure about the course we take, as neutering is pretty irreversible (and I don't like feeling bullied into doing it). I'm also not convinced that giving him the snip will stop him licking. Another friend has told us about the implants she uses for her wolf dogs but we cant find much info on this as it seems quite new So thoughts? Have other ppls boys dogs calmed down when they've been snipped? Has anyone had a similar problem with the 'unhealthy interest' and managed to stop it? Does anyone use the implants?
  4. Thanks Robke, that's my plan for this afternoon then. Treats around the garden is a great idea too Cascara, although he's pretty bad at that - cant find treats that have fallen at his feet hehe. There was a dog on tv the other night who was taught to read, so you never know!
  5. Thanks Cascara, he's getting lots of rest and has mostly been sleeping & chilling the past few weeks (we stopped walking him when he seemed to need resting before he developed symptoms). I probably should've said he does go for walks everyday, but a couple of times a week just to do something different. Ive been taking him early too so usually we're the only ones about. The last couple of days, though he's had more energy and been a bit destructive, with less sleeping so I'm trying to think of new things we can do. I'm working on 'stay' with him atm, and taught him 'paw' - huskies are so clever! But he gets pretty bored quickly.
  6. Hi All, Our 6mo has somehow contracted kennel cough, and the vet has said he cant play with other dogs for 3 weeks. We're a week in, and although we're still going for walks, he's had to be on lead (amazing how many dogs there are, even if you think you're remote). They're such a sociable breed, and I feel so sorry for him - he keeps sighing and looks so depressed. We wondered if anyone had any tips for entertaining him during this phase?
  7. Thanks guys. Actually we might have been completely wrong, he actually has kennel cough (despite being vaccinated) and might have had it for a few weeks before he showed the symptoms yesterday, which is possibly why he's been so clingy and emotional. Now he's had couple of days on antibiotics he seems to have calmed down and is sleeping the night through. We'd love for him to sleep out of the crate, and he's been doing that this week while he's been sick. But how did you train huskies not to go to the toilet inside? We can't put in a dog flap so with the crate he knows to wait until he's let out. But when he's alone downstairs we wake up to surprises - not the good kind.
  8. Hi All would be good to get an idea of others sleeping arrangement for their husky pups. Ours is almost 6 months and been sleeping in a crate for 4 months. Up until last week he was pretty good - would go to his crate naturally and sleep the night through only howling around 5am when he woke up. But this past week he's been howling every 2 hours and if we let him out he'll just go over to the couch and sleep at its foot - so he's not sick nor needs to pee etc. The other morning I let him out because he was howling so much that I was worried, and he ran upstairs to the bedroom and jumped on the bed (hubby not impressed as was 4am it). We cant work out why he's howling, but suspect now its naughtiness/attention seeking. We're happy for him to sleep out of the crate, but he pees on the carpet. Any suggestions welcomed for how we can go back to sleeping the whole night through!
  9. Hi All, Some of my questions might have been covered by previous posts (I'm still reading through them, so bear with). We have a 9 week old boy husky who's been at home with us for 4 days. He's great fun and very spirited! We're trying to toilet train him at the moment, and there are times when he does everything on the paper/pads. And other times when he seems to ignore that, and goes in random places in the house. Does anyone have any tips, an idea of how long it takes to train? Hubby and I have also taken it in turns to sleep on the couch to watch him for the first few nights as he was anxious when he first moved in. But now he's settling, so it seems time for him to start sleeping on his own. He doesn't like his crate at all, but we're looking to create an area around the crate which is fenced so we can give him some space for his business and he cant destroy the house. Any tips for getting him to sleep calmly, Ive looked at the different threads about crate training. I guess I'm a bit nervous that we've taught him bad habits by letting him sleep on the floor while one of us has slept on the couch.
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