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  1. Thank you Sarah. I plan to take lots of pics so I can share with everyone how much her color changes! It's so fun to see the drastic changes they make! My other husky does not even look like the same dog from when she was a puppy lol
  2. Thank you guys for your opinions and information! After looking at some pics online of other huskies, Luna does appear to be more wolf grey than agouti. Thanks for sharing the pics of your pups, they are all beautiful!
  3. Hey everyone! I have had my 9 week old Siberian Husky puppy for 1 week now. Her name is Luna. I was just curious if anyone had any opinions on what her coloring would be considered? I know it is hard to say since she will change colors a she grows, but as of now, would you say she is an Agouti? Thanks in advance for your help!
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