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  1. hahaha Shadow used to watch me put my makeup on and blowdry my hair every morning, but he has stopped doing that now. He even used to bite my bum and legs to get me to stop and give him attention. Now it's Luna who watches me. She will sit on the bathmat until i'm done. Luna also likes to sleep on the bathmat while i have a shower. I think she just likes the company.
  2. Hearing about this just makes me worried for my dogs. Lots of huskies go missing in Australia as they are such a beautiful breed. I hope the puppies get returned but that seems unlikely so i just pray that they are safe and getting treated nicely. http://www.qt.com.au...-angers-family/ http://video.au.msn....ng-news/xo4nkfk
  3. Shadow has had a fear of going up the stairs since he was about 6 months. It started when he had a bucket on his head due to having an operation and something must have happened when he tried to go up the stairs one day. The bucket would have got caught on the stairs and he must of tripped. Or at least this is what we have decided has happened. Ever since then he takes at least 5-10 minutes to come up the stairs. He would walk up the first 2-3 stairs and then would turn around and go back down. He will continueously do this until all of a sudden he'll just decide to come up the stairs. And when he does come up, he doesn't just walk up them, he runs up them as fast as he can. He just had another bucket on his head because he got desexed and now he takes even longer to get up the stairs. Sometimes he won't come up at all. I'll leave the back door open in the morning while i get ready for work (usually about 45 mins) and in the end i'll have to take his breakfast down to him. At night he is a bit better and will come up for dinner, but i think this is because it's dark and he can no longer see through the gaps in the stairs. We are thinking of putting some black mesh behind the stairs to see if this helps. So i understand completely what you are going through. It is really frustrating as we have tried everything to encourage him. Sometimes he gets so angry/upset with himself that we can hear him crying outside. And then we have to carry him up. Which is not easy for me, he is becoming such a big boy.
  4. Finally voted! These were soooo good. So hard to pick one so i picked a few. I can relate to the one with Mushu. Luna has a similar bed and she ripped out all the stuffing inside it. You don't realise how much stuffing is in them until you see it scattered all over the floor lol
  5. Yes i did make it. I found a dog friendly recipe on the internet. Peanut Butter Carrot Doggy Cake 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 teaspoon baking soda ¼ cup natural peanut butter ¼ cup vegetable oil 1/3 cup honey 1 cup shredded carrots 1 egg Preheat oven to 180 degrees C (I think that's 350 degrees F?) I baked it in a loaf pan for 30 minutes and then cut it into the shape of a bone. And it has peanut butter as the icing. They both loved it!
  6. I can't believe what poor Merlin had to go through... makes me sick... but good to hear he is on the mend now. You are truly an amazing person Heather and Merlin is so lucky to have you.
  7. It's Shadow's 1st birthday today! We celebrated last night by giving him a cake. Can't believe he's 1 already - where has the time gone!
  8. When we got Shadow he was black and white. He just finished blowing his coat for the first time and now he is alot greyer, especially around the rump. Luna was a beige/tan colour when we got her but now her coat is looking a bit greyer too. It'll be good to see what colour her coat will be after her first shed. Both of them have started to lose their eye masks which is a shame.
  9. Awwwww puppies are soooo cute! Especially husky puppies The one biting the other pups nose looks my boy when he was that age. Oh the memories....
  10. Awwww he is gorgeous! I had a lab when i was growing up, they are such lovely dogs. Moe looks awesome cause he has the build of a lab but his coat is like a husky. I bet you get alot of people asking what breed he is.
  11. I've watched this one. It was such a beautiful story, i turned into a sobbing mess lol
  12. WOW! Your photos are simply amazing. I love seeing how huskies masks and coats change as they get older. Silver looks alot like my girl when he was a pup You live in a beautiful part of the world and Silver looks right at home there.
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