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  1. Blued eyes in Huskies is most likely a semi dominant trait, because there are blue eyed crosses with nearly every other breed known. My girl is an example of this... she has blue eyes and is Half Belgian Groenendael and that breed never has blue eyes. Weirdest one I saw recently was standard poodle x Husky and half the pups got blue eyes. Huskies could also carry a recessive blue eyed gene too, this would explain why some brown eyed dogs produce blue eyed pups. Or it could be marble eye only affecting the pupil and not the iris, so the eye appears fully brown/amber but the dominant blue eyed gene is there just you cant see it because it's not in the iris.
  2. Thanks all, she is just like a Husky except she is very obedient and willing to please These are her parents, dad in the foreground.
  3. Laska enjoying the beach She's such a good girl very obedient, couldn't have asked for a better dog
  4. bemba

    2014 09 05 04.38.20

    Did you do a thread about her pregnancy?
  5. Thanks, we think so too She gets lots of attention out and about and people seem to do a double take. Some people ask if she's blind LOL
  6. My special girl Laska is 10 months old! She is just as switched on and smart as the day I brought her home! She was never a puppy really she was always confident, co-ordinated and very sure of herself. She has grown into a beautiful girl which everyone loves, so proud of my girl Her mother is a white Husky and her father is a Belgian Groenendael.
  7. My girl is 5 months old!! She is really an old soul, never was a floppy puppy... sure footed as a Mountain Goat from the day I got her
  8. Laska is now 5 months old! Time flies! She is still very good with all the animals. She tends to watch how the other dogs and myself interact with them and follows suit.
  9. Laska is such an amazing little dog! She is fantastic with all the other animals and is very smart! She is very co-ordinated almost like a cat! Not clumsy and floppy like most pups are. Here are some pics of her with the birds. She only once got a little excited when she saw tiny ducklings and wanted to investigate, but mother duck quickly put an end to that LOL.
  10. Yep I've been having the tea and oil myself
  11. Well I picked up my little girl from the airport yesterday! And I'm in love We have decided on Laska as her name.... She is very confident and very playful! First introductions on the farm went really well
  12. I've had Kodah at the vets and it's not mange, and I did have her checked for it about 3 months ago also. Well I went and got the Calendula tea and Coconut oil, did 5 tea treatments and it definitely soothed it from the first go! She was a little itchy still, anyway I gave her coconut oil topically and for 2 days now next to no scratching! Plus she smells great She doesn't try to lick it off either which is surprising as she loves her spoon full she gets. I have truckloads of fresh Tumeric which I'm lucky enough to source from a friend.... Might give her some of that also It of course is early days but her skin looks amazing already... Her neck which looked horrendous only a few days ago has calmed right down. Must say I'm surprised vets do not recommend this kind of thing.
  13. Following! My dog has awful skin at the moment also, thanks for posting all this Jase. Just a question about the coconut oil.... would it be a good idea to rub some into the skin after the Calendula tea rinse?
  14. My Blue Heeler girl does EXACTLY the same thing you described! I literally LOL'd she seems to do it on and off and most the time it's when she is no where near her heat cycle. It's almost like she is just cleaning the area but her tounge hits a sensitive spot in there and it's just a physical reaction to it.
  15. I think often it's where people have read up on dog breeds but not actually put them through their paces are saying what can and can't be done. It's a combination of training and conditioning that is needed. Keeping a dog seperated, penned up or in the house except to go potty is not putting it through it's paces. I think getting to know your dogs and developing clear communication so you have control is paramount. The dog needs a focus of interest that is not directly chicken / animal oriented. So giving the dog outlets for pent up energy so it's not channelled onto the poultry / animals so you can get to a point where poultry / animals are safe like household furniture in the company of the dogs.
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