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  1. bemba

    2014 09 05 04.38.20

    Did you do a thread about her pregnancy?
  2. Wow very unique Parti eye indeed! Thanks for sharing
  3. All gorgeous! thanks for sharing
  4. Here he is 19 days old What do you guys think about his eyes?
  5. Ahh ok thankyou, will give it a go now
  6. Thanks for all the replies and welcomes Wow Kati, he's very handsome! ....is that a little bit of blue near his pupil in the brown eye I see? My pups eyes look very similar with the flash, one pupil is much redder with the flash and the iris is clearly lighter in that eye, and the other eye has a red eye shine but it's duller in the pupil and the iris is darker with some tiny electric blue squiggles in it. He is only 3 weeks old well actually 19 days old So I wonder if they'll change even more? I thought maybe they'll both be blue but if they were you'd think both would be the same shade. I want to upload some pictures but photo bucket is not working for me?
  7. Thanks for the welcome and the replies Blaze is really striking! Is eye does seem very light even at 3 weeks old doesn't it! Hva eyou got any more pics of him that young that might show the eyes more? I'm trying to upload pics of my boy but it's not working LOL.
  8. My pup is only 3 weeks old and is a Husky cross (still with the mother of course) dad has ice blue eyes. One eye is much lighter and has a really strong rep pupil glow in certain light. The other eye has light areas but is mainly the darker muddy navy blue, but that eye also has a pink shine in certain light but not nearly as bright as the other eye. Either way it doesn't matter of course just very curious about anyone's stories about their puppies changing colour etc. I've always been very interested in genetics anyway PS I'm from Queensland, Sunshine Coast.
  9. I'm just wondering if anyone with bi or parti eyed dogs would be willing to share pics of them as puppies and of them as adults, also any with the flash used would be a bonus, if you know what colour eyes their parents had also would be a huge help. I'm trying to figure out the mode of inheritance for these traits. Thankyou
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