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  1. Perfect day... took Dakota to Albion Falls for a nice hike in the woods.
  2. SibeHush

    D.I.Y talents?

    I grew up in a low-income household full of girls who couldn't hang a photo or kill a spider Luckily for me, my grandfather was a master with wood and precision, while my uncle was the mechanical madman. If your houses roof is torn of in a tornado and your walls collapse... I can fix it.
  3. Lucky devil... we're down around 4-7C but no snow yet.
  4. Thanks Emma, I'll take a look at both the food and the site... but I'm still hoping someone here has gone through this before and can help me out with information about what worked for them. My biggest issue right now is Dakota can't have wheat, corn, or soy. Her current veterinary diet has two of those three ingredients in it. The one and ONLY Urinary Vet food without those ingredients, the one I'm supposed to have come in on Wednesday, it's not a "life long" solution and she cannot stay on it for more then 3-4 months- so I've been told. Once her crystals are gone and her pH is balanced, she's going to need to be transitioned onto a non-urinary dog food that will help keep her pH within a healthy range of 5.5-7.
  5. Blue Buffalo is what Dakota was on previous to this epidemic... it's 90% likely to be the cause of it... mind you no food agrees with 100% of dogs. Your dogs could very well do awesome on Blue Buffalo but Dakota does not. She need something to Balance her pH levels and that brand does the opposite unfortunately
  6. Dakota has not been at her best lately. Four days ago I took her to the vet because she was experiencing pain while peeing. Turns out she has a struvite crystals and a high pH balance of 8.5 that I've been led to believe is because of her diet. As a result she's now taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory meds, and also a vet diet of... Royal Canin Urinary SO (disgusting). Originally she was given the kibble but after the first day I took the bag back to the vets and told them I wouldn't feed her another mouthful of that garbage- first two ingredients -- rice, corn-by product. Unfortunately the best thing I can do for the time being is switch her to the canned version $$, with the first several ingredients being; "Water Sufficient for Processing, Chicken Liver, Corn Grits, Pork-by-product, chicken, chicken by-product, etc. She vomited the original kibble up without reserve- kept nothing down. Now she's been doing better on the 'higher quality' (term used lightly) canned version, but is still vomiting it up, however much less. We've place a special order for a urinary vet diet that is wheat, corn, and soy free but we can't get it until Wednesday which will hopefully solve this issue BUT... now I need to know how to tackle this in the aftermath... The vet is telling me she will likely need to stay on a prescription diet for life but I have reservations... we just moved cities and our vet is new... little to no husky experience and I don't like him... still looking for a permanent vet who gets me and better yet, gets my dog. Whose has some knowledge on this subject? Whose been there? Who can help me out? I NEED GOOD, LIFE LONG, DOG FOOD TO HELP MAINTAIN BALANCED PH LEVELS!!
  7. Never tried it and I don't see how that would prevent a dog from peeing in their crate. I'd consider jays recommendation of shrinking the crate- if it's to big they'll often use a corner to relieve themselves.
  8. I disagree that trust is a disease. Misinformation and a generation of +p training fads have muddied the waters as to what our dogs are capable of achieving. Most of us have become facilitators to this sicking line of thought and those who are not facilitators are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the lost and misled.
  9. I've been trying to put on weight ever since I was a kid.... over the past few years, with help from a personal nutritionist, I've managed to put on and maintain 30lbs. I have a resting rate of over 3500cals daily... I'm sure that sounds nice to many... but I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE it. So much of my life revolves around maintaining a healthy weight.
  10. I took the classes and have proofed my own dogs training on the device. The only stipulation to my information is that I haven't trained a slew of dogs with an e-collar- just my own. If interest in a detailed response to your question, send me a pm and ask. I'll see if I can't write up a bit of a training manual. But in any case, I definitely recommend taking classes if you can find them (not an easy thing to do given the +p fad of our time), maybe contact some birding clubs if you have difficulty finding classes. Many will use a sport dog with e-collar and love sharing information. There is also youtube for training videos- however they're no substitute for the first hand experience that you'd get in a class- during my first class they had us roll-playing and practicing on each other- it was allot of laughs but also very informational.
  11. I was lucky enough to be given my first e-collar... from someone who was strongly against them- my grandmother. This is a woman who has trained several bouviers in her lifetime with moderate-high success could not wrap her head around the fact that no matter the effort and training I put into my dog, it could never be trusted off lead. All her dogs have been successfully trained off leash and were trusted to roam their large 3acre plot of land without concern. However, she knew I was dead set on buying one and offered to buy it for me, however, made the stimulation that she got to be the one who decided if it was going to be used on the dog. I believe she made the deal thinking that she would buy the collar, try it out briefly, disapprove, and then return it having saved my poor dog the unfortunate experience of it's use. But needless to say, I still have the collar, it still works, and I used it to train a reliable recall. But ANYWAYS I've never used the Dogtra 282NCP so I can't comment on it with any certainty beyond saying I trust the maker of the collar as do many others- Dogsta is one of the more common names among e-collar manufacturers. When I took a class to learn how to use the e-collar there was only 3 name brands accepted in their facility- one was einstein (my first e-collar), another was the Dogtra (bought it after those classes and having had the opportunity to use one before purchasing), and the third I cannot recall. What I did take notice of the 282NCP, was someone saying they felt the receiver was hard to handle with only one hand when you wanted to change the stimuli levels- something you might want to take into account if you're looking to buy it and use it while sporting with your dogs.
  12. I don't know about price conversions, but I have a Dogtra 300m and mini Einstein- both have a 1/2 mile range and both begin @ $200 Canadian- however they only come with only a single collar- second collar sold separately. I'd recommend the Dogtra if you have two dogs. The one receiver can simultaneously do two collars without needing to switch between modes. What ever the case, I would never recommend buying a cheap e-collar. You want it 100% waterproof and from a well known manufacturer of quality products. Always check to see the reviews and never buy a collar from e-bay or like minded sites who often sell counterfeit products. The last thing you ever want is a cheap e-collar that will ether malfunction or not respond each and every time- if it doesn't come with a manufacturers guarantee, I personally would never use it. Also, don't buy pet store brands- not all e-collar provide the same stimuli. You want one that performs on the same principles as a tens machine- muscle contraction- not electric shock.
  13. Couldn't agree more. Improper use, as can be done with just about any training tool, is found everywhere and with an e-collar, the ease of misuse makes it a big target for animal rights activists. However, given the temperament of most users on this forum, I doubt many would end up misusing an e-collar. Provided you take a careful approach and research how to properly use the tool, it's awesome for teaching a bulletproof recall- you could all have off leash huskies while retaining your peace of mind.
  14. In her crate found beside the bed. I brought her home for the first time when she was already a year old. I shut the crate door for the first few months. After a time I started leaving the door to her crate open at night. Eventually I all together removed the door. She sleeps soundlessly throughout the night and doesn't leave her bed until after I wake and dress- it's the established routine.
  15. Leo I, born Leo Marcellus in 401, becomes emperor of the Byzantine Empire in the year 457. He was the first emporer to involve the Patriarch of Constantinople, the very same that went on to help spread Christianity throughout the world.

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