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  1. We've had our baby for about a month now. (Hes 3 months now) Got a nice crate and have been crate training. He use to yelp and howl at night (in the crate) but he would eventually stop. He was doing so good and made it a couple nights without any noises or accidents. Well I don't know what's with him, but the past few days he is not having it at all. He will not sleep in there at night. Just all of the sudden hes like this. He will cry and whine forever. But if we bring him in our room, he'll go right to sleep in his bed and not a peep all night. Should I keep trying to keep him in his crate at night? Even though he's a prefect angel in our room? He's use to his crate in general, I don't know why all the sudden he's like this...
  2. This is my baby at 10.5 weeks. He's 13 weeks now
  3. My nitro has blur eyes, but one eye is slightly brown at the top. Its unique! Blue*
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