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  1. 85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, and where does he want to be? Sunbathing. And here I thought huskies liked cold weather.
  2. First escape attempt - failed! Actually, he was just trying to get a stick we made him leave just outside the gate when we brought him back in from a walk. Got his head through the gap at the bottom, and when he stood up...well, he's bigger than he thinks he is.
  3. Someone does not want to be snuggled while he sleeps...
  4. We had Odin neutered last week and since then his crate's been too uncomfortable for him to sleep in while wearing his cone. Instead of listening to the myriad of howls, clucks, and whines of his, we've started letting him sleep in the bedroom with us. But I have to wonder: how is this any better?
  5. I know this is thread isn't supposed to be about posing dogs, but when they're passed out it's almost too hard not to do things to them. So here's Odin, passed out while reading one of the classics!
  6. Wife saw me video taping his snoring, and thought it was funny. Odin didn't think so. https://vimeo.com/121429705
  7. I'm more worried about him digging his way under the fence, than jumping over it. He's gotten pretty good at digging holes the size of his head in only a few minutes, but he hasn't shown any interest in jumping. Aside from the fact he can get his front legs into the counter where we keep his treats, he doesn't even try to get onto the furniture, even when we call him up onto the couch or bed. I almost want to think he doesn't know how to jump yet. Still, we're waiting for that day, and whenever we let him outside, he's either under constant supervision or checked on every few minutes. We don't want anything to happen to him either!
  8. Looking out over his domain. Not sure what he sees, but he enjoys just sitting in the middle of the backyard and staring out into space.
  9. @SnowDogLove: I know. Every day it seems like his tail is getting bushier, face more mature, or gains another couple of pounds. Odin's just a little past 4 months old, is at 25lbs, and can already jump up to doorknob height. (Look at his eyes, he knows what they do, and it won't be long until he escapes through one!)
  10. All tired out after an evening at the dog park.
  11. So many of these are of dogs sleeping! Guess I'm not going to be original. Oh well here's Odin, passed out in his crate for the night.
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