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  1. Hey everyone!

    I have decided to take a little advice from everyone. I feed Rory a little at a time every time she has her meals, but she needs to ask without being asked to ask... Does that make sense? So I will stand in front of her food bowl looking at her until she lays down next to it looking at me for approval. Then I give her a little. And repeat until I don't have any more "supper" (that's her word for all meals) left. She is very sweet, she has no problem with me being around her or sitting right next to her when she eats, it's just if I am petting her while she is eating. I can take her food and she lets me. Sometimes when she has a bone or carrot and I am dilly-dallying trying to take it from her, she will growl. But she has never bit me or tried. It's only when I am being "annoying" and petting her non stop that she get's irritated and makes it known to me. Everything has worked well so far, I will walk by her and pet her quickly so she knows I am not trying to be all up in her space. I stopped bugging her and making her uncomfortable and am just giving her alone time while she eats (I get like that sometimes too.. :P )


    Momma's wolfy girl


  2. I can move the dishes around and walk around her no problem, she doesn't mind that. It's only when I touch her. Maybe as you guys are saying, I just need to leave her alone? I do understand what's being said with why give and then take away, I've never had a dog before that was protective over food so this just made me very nervous. Me being in her face while she eats clearly makes her anxious, should I just leave her alone?

  3. Hello all,

    I fed Aurora last night by hand with no problems, as I assumed. It seems she is only aggressive when eating out of her food bowl... But then again, she just recently started getting aggravated when eating her carrots on the floor by me petting her. I am just afraid it will get worse, as I have heard stories of families having to get rid of their Husky because of the food aggression being so bad they bit a family member. She is so loving and sweet and happy every other part of the day besides feeding time. I'm nervous! Help!

  4. This absolutely helps and makes sense. I understand now why I should move her away, rather than her food. I did this last night before removing her dish, I ended up removing her dish because when I moved her she whined and tried to pull away from me and get around me. What do you suggest for that?

    Also, she absolutely hunches and looks agitated when I am in her space while she eats. I want to try my best to get rid of this behavior and have her be comfortable instead of having to just let her be while she eats and make sure others do the same. I talked calmly to her and pet her softly but I also can see why petting her seems to be more of praising than trying to make her comfortable.

  5. Good morning, all! Or at least it is here now that the 90.1" of snow we have gotten this winter is FINALLY starting to melt! Hooray for Spring!

    It has been a while since I posted, want to thank everyone for all of the awesome advice and suggestions a few months back on Aurora's house training and behavior with our Snow Bengal. It all has helped and Aurora is an amazing pup now! Big pup, that is.

    Something new for y'all.. Ever since we got her at 7 weeks, yes I know this is pretty young for a pup to leave their mother and this may be a reason, she is always protective/aggressive with her food.. She has never bit anyone, but she growls very loud and stuffs her face into her food so you cannot get to it. Recently, I feel it is getting worse. Every day when I feed her, I pet her to let her know I am there and not a threat to her eating and she always growls and gets defensive. Last night as a snack, I put some veggies in her food bowl. As I was petting her, she jolted at me. Did not bite, but I pulled away before she had the chance. I took her food away and she wasn't upset when I grabbed it, it seems she only gets upset when I am touching her. So as she was snacking last night, I sat on the floor with her and put an oven mitt on, just in case, and rubbed her entire body gently. She growled the entire time but did not try to bite.

    What can I do about this? She is now 6 months old and in the future she will be around children, I don't want her to ever hurt anyone and I also do not want her to be uncomfortable to eat around other people. She also is very defensive of her water when other dogs are around (I NEVER feed her around another dog, that would be too stressful for her)


    Thanks everyone! I look forward to hearing your responses.



  6. Hello everyone!

    So, Aurora is now 4 1/2 months old. Ever since we picked her up at 7 weeks, she has been exposed to our Snow Bengal cat, Nova. Nova also has been exposed to dogs, she is a year and a half years old and grew up with two Pomeranians. Aurora isn't mean or aggressive towards her, BUT she plays a little too rough and bites Nova's neck and doesn't understand she could hurt her. Nova doesn't typically fight back unless she is trying to sleep and is annoyed with Aurora's nipping and hitting..

    Any advice on how to get Aurora to play nicer with her? I know since she's a puppy she will just want to play, but I'm not sure if there is any way I can get her to realize she's much bigger than Nova and needs to be easy with her. So that way they get along well when Aurora is an adult.


    Thanks y'all!




  7. THANK YOU everyone for your posts! Seriously, every single one is helping. Today, at this moment while I am at work, Aurora is in her crate. She goes in on her own, she loves her crate. I put a bone and a chew toy in there for her. I have a good feeling it will work!

    Last night I also was on my hands and knees cleaning the crap out of the floor.. Literally! I hope the smell is completely gone, but she didn't go to the bathroom in the house last night or this morning after I did that, so fingers crossed!


    Also for a little giggle, this morning as I was getting ready I heard her jump on the couch. I went into the livingroom and told her "DOWN", and she got down. This happened about 4 more times. Then on the 5th, I heard her jump up and she heard me coming to tell her to get down so she got down before I got in the room and faced down at the ground, with her tail wagging and peeking at me in the corner of her eye like "I wasn't doing anything.....". What a little devil!

  8. My now 4 month old female Siberian Husky is still going to the bathroom in the house.. This is what we have been doing for her:

    We crate her all night while we are sleeping, let her outside to go potty during the night if she is crying. Then let her out again as soon as we get up, after she eats, and before we leave for work.

    When we are gone for 8 hours a day, we have been gating her in our mud room where her crate is so she can move around. We put a pee pad down for her.


    What I have been seeing is she does not ever seem to try to hold her pee/poop, she just automatically goes to the pee pad or where the pee pad usually is, even if it isn't there she will go. She goes a lot during the day while we have her gated off in that room, but I feel like at this point she should be able to hold it? Or at least my husky years ago was able to. When she has free roam in the house while we are home, she still will go to that spot whenever she feels and go to the bathroom, she doesn't try to go outside.

    There HAS to be something we can do to teach her that pottying in the house is NOT acceptable and that she NEEDS to go outside to do that.

    Someone, ANYONE! Please help me out! I know that she can hold it, she seems to be too comfortable with going whenever she pleases instead of asking/waiting to go outside.



    A very frustrated, confused momma.

  9. Hello everyone!

    My name is Jillian and I am a new husky owner (I grew up with a husky as a kid but I wasn't the one training/taking care of him of course!). My little furbaby's name is Aurora and she is red Siberian Husky. She is currently 14 weeks old and I have had her since she was 7 weeks. The first week was great, because she was quiet and not used to her surroundings. NOW, she is a comfortable little terror! Of course she is teething and I have asked so many people what the best way is to go about that, and have been told to "wait it out and tell her NO".. Not working out too well! She doesn't nip at me or my boyfriend all that much anymore, but when visitors come over she gets very excited and it's almost as if she really can't help herself. Any advice on this? She also still has accidents in the house, I know we have to keep up with her and let her out often but I am wondering if anyone has any tricks to getting her to "ask" to go outside instead of just do it whenever she feels?

    I have plenty of other questions, but I will start out with those!

    Thanks everyone in advance!


    Aurora The Siberian (on Instagram as "snowbengalnova")

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