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  1. Cute little puppy [emoji5] Sent from my GT-I9500 using Husky Owners mobile app
  2. Thank you Rob[emoji513] Sent from my GT-I9500 using Husky Owners mobile app
  3. Ozzy and Micah at the beach the other day. It has been incredibly hot here, so all activities and walks are water related The second pic is Micah swimming in the river down the road from us. Haven't posted in a while, so hopefully the photos post right side up, I wouldn't know how to fix it if it doesn't lol.
  4. Thank you - I had a great day
  5. Fantastic photos - love them My two LOVE the water. Micah prefers the pool, dam and rivers, while Ozzy loves the excitement of the sea and the waves
  6. Ha, just downloaded The Bat by Jo Nesbo, now to find the time to read it :-)
  7. Have you read this one Andy? I have all Lee Child's books, but the last one 'Never go Back' was such a disappointment, I swore I wouldn't read another one. But....... I loved Jack Reacher and may just give in and buy it. The reviews on Amazon are all over the place though, some seem to like it and a heck of a lot of readers hated it ? There are some good books being read on this thread and I have made note of some - especially the Jo Nesbo .......... I haven't read any of his books, so may try this one first.
  8. Great photos Dave - he gorgeous
  9. I am so sorry to read this Andy - RIP beautiful girl
  10. No Rob, I worried at first when we moved here because it is lower than what we felt comfortable with, but Ozzy has never been a jumper and Micah has hip dysplasia so she wouldn't even try. We have deer, guinnea fowl and peacocks in the garden every day and they enjoy watching the wild life around them, except for the pesky deer who takes great pleasure in irritating Micah by invading what she considers her space ;-)
  11. Ozzy and Micah were outside today, just chilling when I heard Micah barking. She only barks like that for one reason, the deer were back in the garden and she does not like them :-) I took these photos with my tab so they are not very clear, but the deer just looks at her and carries on eating, much to Micah's disgust ;-) She is such a drama queen ..........
  12. I had a Great Dane, she was 11 when she died of cancer. She was the most gentle and loving dog - it was as if she was aware of her size and was always careful around those animals and people who were smaller than her, as well as the elderly. She was the perfect companion, and I miss her still, 8 years later.
  13. This really made my day ......... thank you so much :-)
  14. Very true, they never cease to amaze me :-)
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