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  1. Cute little puppy [emoji5] Sent from my GT-I9500 using Husky Owners mobile app
  2. Thank you Rob[emoji513] Sent from my GT-I9500 using Husky Owners mobile app
  3. Ozzy and Micah at the beach the other day. It has been incredibly hot here, so all activities and walks are water related The second pic is Micah swimming in the river down the road from us. Haven't posted in a while, so hopefully the photos post right side up, I wouldn't know how to fix it if it doesn't lol.
  4. That is a great photo Elyse Edit: Oh ... and your message box is full
  5. James Hetfield ..............
  6. Very nice photo Ed [MENTION=7782]Osinn11[/MENTION] - lovely place to walk a husky
  7. Hi Erna, welcome to Husky Owners. Good to see a fellow South African :yahoo:

  8. Lovely photos Belle and Scotty
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