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  1. Thanks everyone. He's a great puppy, I'm glad I found an active community to help me raise this special breed.
  2. He is a Christmas present for our 6 year old. I've done pretty well training him so far and keeping him a secret. My aunt is keeping him at her house now and keeping up my kennel training until closer to christmas.
  3. I figured it out. Just couldn't upload on the mobile version.
  4. I typed a really long post and then went to photobucket to get this picture, so I guess it's short and sweet now. Our Eskimo spitz passed away about a year ago and now we have a new husky puppy to replace her. His name is atlas and we just loove him, he's so sweet and has a great temperament. I can't post links, so if someone would tell me how to post pics, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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