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  1. Hello! Nova my little 10 month old husky is getting a baby brother, in fact, it is her own half-brother. I am looking for any kind of advice on how to introduce the two. If anyone has any fun stories or advice about two dogs, I am open ears. We get the little man on July 11th, he will be 8 weeks on that day! thank you in advance! -Nova's Momma
  2. Hello! It's has been a while since I was last here and I wanted to post some more photos of my baby girl, as she has grown quite a bit. She is most definitely a "wooly" husky. She has bright blue eyes and is just an absolute beauty! growing... and growing... Have great day!!! Nova's mom.
  3. my nova is a Wooly (from what i have been told) and she is 3 almost 4 months. Maybe there is something in between? I think she has similar fur to your baby.
  4. Hello Husky Friends! My puppy, Nova, is 3 months old. Where we live right now is about 20 degrees with lots of wind. We set up a doggie door for her to go onto our back deck & we also set up a nice kennel for her to snuggle into. Right now, she is out there but not even inside the kennel, she is just on top of a towel by the doggie door curled up in a ball. Every time I drag her butt inside she goes right back out! She is a "Wooly" and it's not wet outside so there should be no issue there. But I am afraid it's too cold for her. My question is: IS IT TOO COLD FOR A 3 MONTH OLD HUSKY TO SLEEP OUTSIDE IN 20 DEGREE FARENHEIGHT? WHEN IS IT "TOO COLD" FOR HER? She does randomly come and lay inside but she is insisting on being outside right now and i'm worried! -Thanks a bunch for those of you who answer <3 new husky mommy Mel *photo attached because she is a BEAUTY.
  5. Hello There!! Newbie here. My puppy doesn't respond to her name when I call for her. Is it too early (10 weeks) for her to know her name? Second question - is it still too early to start training Nova to do things... sit, shake, come, etc... THANKS! attached a pic because... everyone loves pics!
  6. haha!! Is it normal for Huskies to be so fluffy?
  7. Hello There Husky Owner Friends!! My name is Melanie and my boyfriend & I recently adopted a puppy named Nova. She is a crazy little thing. I will attach some photos. I started reading the forums on this site because of her teething (biting) & just other fun facts. It looks like most of you are in the UK!! Oh well. I like this site a lot so far!!!
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