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  1. Thanks everyone. I still feel freakin horrible about it and I know it's going to stick with me for the rest of my life, but I managed to get through the day without getting too torn up over it again
  2. I'm a total wreck right now .. driving home at 10pm and I hit a dog with my car. I only had a split second to see it, and it was a black dog too, I couldn't brake in time. I pulled over just after in shock and turned around to see what had happened, it was on the side of the road bleeding heavily, not moving. God I feel so terrible. There was nothing I could have done and the dog was definitely beyond help. I don't know what to do at this point, I'm having a very hard time dealing with this mentally I'm in so much shock right now
  3. Someone always has to be inverted
  4. Dan

    Then and Now

    Really shows how they fill out, especially the front leg spacing, neat
  5. House inspection coming up? No worries, we'll just sleep and stay out of the way of your cleaning..
  6. Buddy, Kian and Loki dreaming of the day their leads break at the creek
  7. Dan

    "New" car ..

    Got it registered and on the road yesterday, took the pack for their first trip, was a bit worried about space still, but there's plenty of room
  8. Dan

    Hi everyone

    Been weird not seeing you in the top 10 posters
  9. Dan

    "New" car ..

    After getting back from my work "holiday", I decided it was time to hunt for a car that I could fit all the boys in. Came across one for $1500 which apparently had minor issues to fix before it could be roadworthied. A lot of thought and "will I have enough money to do this" later, I went for it, and I'm really happy with it. Got a permit to drive it home unregistered and it worked perfectly, and really all that needs fixing is a couple oil leaks. Everything else is in pretty nice condition too. Stoked with it for $1500, and plenty of space for the dogs
  10. Dan

    Couldn't resist..

    I'm away for work for a couple weeks (no dogs ), but food fights are quite far in between now, they're doing great
  11. Yeah bit hard to keep it secret when you're the only person from a country .. but hey. Sorry it took so long Andy, had to dodge work to go for a drive and get that made up. Was scared customs would steal it because I forgot to declare the dog treats Hope you like it
  12. People suck sometimes .. but good can come of it as well. If I wasn't driven off another forum by big headed snobby people, I wouldn't have found this place probably
  13. There was a YouTube video I saw a while back of a really cool, homemade brain game. Basically grab a few plastic bottles, put holes through them so you can put a rod through (put the holes high up enough that the bottles will naturally want to rest with the top upwards), mount the rod on a basic stand so the bottles can flip freely, and fill them with treats. The dog has to try flip the bottles to get the treats out, and usually they won't fall out if they just whack it with their paw, they actually need to try hold it upside down. Probably not all that challenging, but it's a pretty neat DIY idea I thought, and can be made with stuff most people have laying around
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