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  1. Someone always has to be inverted
  2. House inspection coming up? No worries, we'll just sleep and stay out of the way of your cleaning..
  3. Dan

    "New" car ..

    Got it registered and on the road yesterday, took the pack for their first trip, was a bit worried about space still, but there's plenty of room
  4. Dan

    "New" car ..

    After getting back from my work "holiday", I decided it was time to hunt for a car that I could fit all the boys in. Came across one for $1500 which apparently had minor issues to fix before it could be roadworthied. A lot of thought and "will I have enough money to do this" later, I went for it, and I'm really happy with it. Got a permit to drive it home unregistered and it worked perfectly, and really all that needs fixing is a couple oil leaks. Everything else is in pretty nice condition too. Stoked with it for $1500, and plenty of space for the dogs
  5. Man why does the AU dollar have to be so bad But even for $20 I think I still want one Might have to wait till next pay but PM me your address anyway
  6. Hi all, I'm working on a site to try and automate a competition we have annually on another forum I'm on. The guy that used to run it used to calculate and lay everything out manually in excel, and had to give it up due to lack of time a couple years ago. I decided it shouldn't be too hard to revive it, and it was a good bit of fun. I've designed it to be as little work for myself as possible (once it's done), so users submit their entries themselves, and once a question is answered, I simply drop the answer into a file and it calculates all the scores and lays them out for me, no extra work r
  7. Buddy found himself a pillow.
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