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  1. Lakota's "night vision" is turned on lol
  2. They're watching tv together...too funny!
  3. Oh yeah, he has that chunky look ha! Lol, does this count as playing dead?? He does it so well... upper lip hanging open and all! I challenge... husky playing in the water! (I don't have one of mine but he loves the water!)
  4. Haha looking forward to it! Our weather has been so fickle this year that we only had one blow this year. That was in May ( true blow). His fall blow was slow instead of all at once. It was so annoying! Lol
  5. My son and I sledding in the snow, my husky Lakota, and myself. Thanks for having us
  6. Actually, i do have a kisses photo lol, just found it
  7. It took me forever to get to the last page via mobile. I don't have any kisses pics because I'm always the one behind camera I don't know if it's been used yet but here's my boylol. And as such,i challenge pics of your huskies blowing coat! Bahaha!
  8. All pooped out after we played a good game of tug. Working on "off" commands and doing so well * taking photo while yanking is rather dizzying lol*
  9. I have a question. My boy is 52-54 lbs yet he is leaner than i like. I want to go raw, have done my homework for suppliers etc, but i think the amount to feed is throwing me off vs how many times daily. I'd like him to be 60lbs. What I've read says feed 2-3% of the weight I'd like him to be. At 2.5% of an ideal weight of 60lb it's 1.5 lbs food. Is that the weight for the entire day or per ration, and if so, how many rations per day? I guess 1.5 lbs just doesn't sound like a lot to me when weighing meat/bone. Secondly, I'd like to incorporate fish oil for support as well as vinegar. Vinegar has benefits but i read it can't be given daily as it inhibits absorption of other important minerals, so what's the standard? Ty so much:)
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