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  1. still nothing yet she has to be in the terrain woodlands and its so hard for me to hike thru it
  2. aqua escaped yesterday due to my mom leaving doors open normally shes found pretty quickly but today when i went to look for her in the morning i found a woodtrail and saw a fluffy tail chasing deers. its such a hard trail for me to keep up in that she got away. disbelieving what ii saw i returned home and received notification that was her last known location by a few others who saw her in that area. the woodlands are deep.. i left a bowl of food and a scent item its so hard to deal with this during the date. and all because my mom wanted to find the cofee. and didnt care about anything else. that dog means so much to me ive spoent 300 bucks at least on fido alert
  3. I have a husky named Aqua and she is also known as my dream starter. I've had my up and downs in my life lost a lot of dreams but one dream I didn't loose, Wanting to own a siberian husky. Yes i've wanted one since I was a kid mainly for the looks but also because of the energy you got to put into training your husky and making it your best friend. I couldn't of asked for a better dog, every time I look at my dog I just know, one day i'll get all my dreams and she will be there to smile with her tongue out happy that i'm happy. My husky isn't just an ordinary dog for me, it means dreams are possible to me. I got her when I thought I failed everything, then she came along. Heres a pic of me and aqua. I love her to death.
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