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  1. Thanks you all, your input really helps. Today he was biting my hand and fingers and I was able to stroke his coat. It did not hurt, thank goodness. Sometimes I give him toys and he just wants to play....but until he gets the rest of his shots I'm not taking him around other animals. He loves attention. It is amazing how much attention he needs/wants. Sometimes I feel bad not playing with him, but I can not sit here and play with him all day. Fortunately, last night he finally slept through the night and did not yelp.
  2. He is 7 weeks. He will be 8 weeks in 2 days. I picked him up this past Saturday. There were 8 puppies in his litter.
  3. Hello, I love my puppy but he loves biting everything. He is 8 weeks and I guess that's normal. He bites EVERYTHING!! Especially me. When we are playing I put my hands and fingers in his mouth. If it hurts I will yelp and he loosens up "sometimes." Sometimes I think he finds it funny because he will bite harder and it looks like he is laughing. When I am praising him and rubbing him and speaking softly to him, he gently bites my fingers and hands. He is so gentle at that time. This dog is awfully smart. He loves to bite, he is eating my slippers, T-shirt, he is even biting his wire crate....good luck with that! I want it to subside before he gets older. He is 8 weeks. I don't want him biting other people...that is absolutely not acceptable. Lastly, I read that putting peanut butter or other foods on your finger will help in subsiding his need bite. Instead he will begin to lick your hands and fingers.....Any thoughts on how to stop or lessen the biting?
  4. Hello, I am house training my puppy to go potty outside. So far it is WONDERFUL! I say Pee pee and take him out back and he goes. I used to give him a treat every time but now I don't, but I still give him praise. He has a crate and I place a pad in his crate at night for him. He only pees on the pad. The crate is huge and I separate the back from the front (hopefully that makes since). He does not go when I take him for walks. We will walk and walk and walk, he will wait until we are back at home and go in the back to potty. I'm fine with that. So far he has not pooped in the house. That's a miracle. The first day I got him I gave him free reign of the house. He was peeing everywhere. I immediately went online to get some help. I put him out back at first and my husband went and got some pads and doggy treats. I got different opinions about pads for huskies. Some say they don't work, others have said its great for training. I only use them for his crate. Sometimes during the day he has to be in his crate while we're gone. I also keep him on a leash, when he is not in his crate. I think because he is confined most of the time he will comply, because when I let him off the leash or out of his crate he will pee in the house. My question is...Is there an age or time when I can let him roam free in the house and he will not pee everywhere? I don't want to keep him confined forever. Also, he will be 8 weeks in 2 days.
  5. I understand your friends' situation. I use to hate large dogs because I was afraid of them. A lot of time fear is taught. I was chased by a pit bull and a Rottweiler (on two different occasions) when I was a kid. When I became an adult I wanted to overcome that fear and I always loved the German Shepherds, Huskies, and Akita's. I overcame my fear and got the Akita, this was over 10 years ago. You are right pets do help with lifting your spirits. My husky Cerulean has brought joy into my home. I can't believe I even put my hands in his mouth, but I love it. I would say you don't have to say anything else in regards to her getting a pet. As she sees how happy you are, she may want her own. If not she may just fall in love with yours.
  6. I just got my puppy less than a week ago. I've been waiting for him since May and now I am happy I have him. This is my first husky. I had an Akita but I had to give him away very early on. I love this little puppy. He is so funny and cute, although my neighbors hate when he howls at night.

    1. mydiamond


      Aw, he's still learning! Human babies cry at night too. But he'd learn soon so you could explain that to your neighbors :) x congratulations on your new puppy!

    2. Emma


      Congratulations! If you're looking for some ideas why not start a thread and let the members put forwards some suggestions?

  7. Hello My name is Shansbo and I have a new husky puppy. He is 7+ weeks old.
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