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  1. I got Samoyed today. My favorite was the toddler who said, Mommy I want that dog! mom says, we already have two. Toddler replies, “that one is better!” Yes, she is awesome
  2. Thanks - yes, I do think she has allergies. Vet said they aren’t uncommon here with our long growing season. The antihistamine she’s on now seems to help a lot, I think I will look into the echinacea as I have allergies too and I know how miserable they are! Things are getting better here, she hasn’t bothered with her ears or hot spot and from what I can see, it already looks a lot better. Plus we’re getting loads of no-pull training leash walks in. Phew.
  3. We did try treating her during and after the medicine - after is hard because she BOLTS as soon as she can. This AM she got anxious as soon as I sat on the floor with a treat and the topical spray, so I guess she has thoroughly wised up. After her ear drops, I couldn’t get her to eat the treat at all. We’re giving her space plus lots of good affection so that it’s not every time we approach her she’s getting drops or sprays. She’s still scratching at the ears but hasn’t bothered with the hot spot so that’s good, it already looks better. The vet mentioned Benadryl or Zyrtec, but right now, she’s on Temeril for the hotspot which has an antihistamine. I’ve ordered salmon oil for her food but stupid Amazon is four days late - the vet thought that might help as well. We’re going to buy some at the store. I’ve read a lot of info on zinc deficiency - gosh let’s hope not. She’s on a high quality kibble and none of her kibble or treats have wheat, soy, or corn, plus we give her carrots as treats. I’ll definitely keep it in mind if she keeps having issues - will be worth a discussion with the vet for sure. Thanks everyone! We’re getting through it one day at a time...
  4. Will do, I’ve seen those mentioned around this site as well. Thank you!
  5. The rescue recommended the Easy Walk Harness, so we’ve been using that. I took her out in the rain Wednesday (you saw my post about that too! And yes, she stopped smelling when she was dry) so if I have to guess, it’s my fault for not taking the stupid harness off to dry afterwards.
  6. Took Halo to her first vet visit with us Wednesday. She has been a bit sneezy and a bit itchy. She did not like the vet exam and had to be taken in the back for them to swab the ear she had been fiddling at over the past few days. Lots of husky shrieks :(. No ear infection but she needs ear drops for 7 days to clear up the irritation without making it worse. She hates her ear drops and fights with us, but we’re trying to get them done as quickly as possible. 4 more days of those. Friday, we find a nice lovely weeping hotspot under her harness - back to the vet we go. They gave her an e-collar (as in the cone of shame) and a topical spray along with a couple of oral meds. That means we now have to corner her FOUR times a day to do something she hated while she’s still new to us and the house. Not fun. We tried to get a gentle leader head collar so she doesn’t pull on our walks for 2 weeks before she can wear the harness again, but she hated that too. Guys, we couldn’t do the e-collar. It honestly seemed like animal abuse to see her tearing around and panicking. It didn’t fit nicely with her in her crate either - she could barely move, couldn’t get at her water though the orals make her thirsty, was whimpering as it banged around and trapped her, etc. I can’t imagine that they haven’t come up with a better solution for these things. I know sometimes you have to do them (post surgery, for instance) but for this? I got the topical on her today, and I’m just watching her like a hawk to stop the licking. The orals are already helping - I only caught her worrying at it once. We just carted her all over town with us and tired her out. She’s taking a nice long nap now, and then we’ll go for Round 2. I just hate that there are so many things we have to force her into all at once. Praying for a quick recovery from this hotspot. I plan to desensitize her slowly to the e-collar once she’s better, but I’m only going to use it as a last resort for now. Just wanted to share for some moral support. I’m hoping things go smoothly from here and we can work slowly on making her more comfortable with being handled for medicine, etc.
  7. Oof. We had our first rainy rainy walk since bringing her home on Saturday. She is NOT one of those huskies that doesn't want to go out in the rain. But she's also SUPER furry. I took her out twice this AM (she gets a long walk at 6:15am, ~45mins and then a shorter ~20min walk at around 8:30am before I head to work) in the rain. Now, to put it politely, she has that wet dog smell. I didn't even think Huskies got that! My mistake. To put it impolitely, STINKY POLAR BEAR!!! The first time, she shook off, I lightly toweled her (keep in mind she's still new to our family so I want to go slow with the new grooming), and then I brushed her. She then cleaned her own fur and did a much better job than I did. The second time, it was raining quite a bit harder. We came home soaked. I got a bigger towel and tried to dry her off, but couldn't get her to hang around long enough to get her completely dry and didn't want to push it yet. The floor, me, and her were too wet to try the blowdryer on cool (I did get a nice little shock in the arm for my efforts). Couple of questions for you all. First, I bought this conditioner/detangler for her: Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Conditioner with Sunscreen. Can/should I spray her with this after toweling and before brushing? Might that help? I know not to bathe her often because of their dry skin. Should I just dry her more thoroughly (I do plan to, I just want to work up to it so she is comfortable with it)? Should I get a dry foaming shampoo? Any other suggestions for keeping her smelling fresh (or at least, not awful)? Thanks all!
  8. We just brought home our beautiful new husky, Halo, on Saturday. We love her! She came to us with a reasonably good grasp of sit, leave it, and on by. Hasn't had a single accident in the house, and once we put the easy walk harness on her, she is fantastic on the leash with us too. I'm sure she'll get more and more mischievous as she settles in - but we're giving her lots of structure and clear house rules. So far, so good! You guys have already been a great resource to us, both in my posts and reading through the wealth of advice on this forum. I'm sure there will be more "HELP! What do I do about ____" posts in the near future! I'm not sure if she's pure husky - what do you guys think? She's extraordinarily fluffy and seems like she might be a bit stockier in the hindquarters. Beautiful blue eyes though. We might order one of those dog DNA tests later to see.
  9. Awesome! Thanks guys. Glad to hear I'm on the right track. All makes sense to me!
  10. Hi everyone, some questions about loose leash walking from an inexperienced dog owner. I use the stop-and-go method for leash training - loose leash means go, stop the second the dog starts pulling, go again when the leash has slack. A couple questions: First, I can't imagine having a husky walk at heel like they show on (cough cough) some TV shows. Seems silly. It's fine for a husky, who walks faster than me anyways, to be in front, right? Second, I understand that pulling on the leash or adding tension to the leash encourages reactivity. I hear that this is what a lot of dog owners do wrong - they see a stimulus and tense up, which causes the dog to react. So okay, I've got: loose leash good, don't pull back or put tension on the leash. But here's the piece I'm missing in my understanding. Let's say the husky loves people, has slack in the leash and is walking along nicely, sees a person, pulls on the leash to go to the person. Now the leash is taut and the husky is 6 feet away from me. I don't pull back because pulling on the leash encourages tension/reactivity/dog countering the pull with the opposite force (ie continuing to pull away from me). I can't simply turn her with my body because she's too far away from me. What do I do? Thanks! Sorry to be the doggie dummy around here, but I really value the insight and experience of this forum.
  11. RJWR, thank you. Beautiful dogs! We specifically sought out a rental that allowed pets without breed restrictions. It’s a single family home so no issues with slippery slope or with disruptive behavior, and it’s his only rental so I don’t know that he really thinks through these kinds of issues the way a business would. We have good insurance to protect the landlord from personal injury claims and are committed to crate training, so that also helps to address the two biggest concerns with dogs in rentals (property destruction and aggression). That being said, we’re planning to buy a house next year, so it might be that the rescue decides we would be better off waiting until then. We’ll see! Thanks.
  12. Got it. The rescue organization brought it up to us as a specific issue, so my understanding is that it is a bit more than normal rough play behavior that they see all the time from their other huskies. They didn’t want us to have her too close to the other rescue huskies at the event today as well. Regarding huskies never being off lead, I hear that loud and clear in unconfined spaces. But my understanding is that generally at dog parks and at doggie day care, the dogs are not on leads, and it’s a no-no for there to be a mix of dogs and off leads. Am I incorrect? It sounds like taking her for walks/jogs and letting her run around the park on a longer lead would help us to meet her exercise needs? Regarding going to the bathroom without a fenced in yard, I expect that she would do her business on our walks or we’d have her on a secured longer lead with access to the yard when we are outside anyways or for short bathroom periods while we are supervising ONLY. She needs some work with housebreaking anyways, plus we would go pick up her poop even in our yard so this hasn’t been a big concern of ours. Fair? Thanks everyone, really appreciate the feedback so far. Oh I realize that there might be some confusion over my use of “open field.” Meaning a wide open space with room for the dogs to run around and play with each other, but still secured.
  13. Hi, we’re considering adopting a Siberian husky, and one particular dog we met today and clicked with exhibits some off-leash dog dominance. We didn’t witness it as we spent time with the dog today on leash, but it was described to us as her “checking other dogs” by running into them with her shoulder and biting at their necks when in an open field off leash (edit: open as in room to run around and play, but still secured. Not totally open, The rescue has quite a bit of acerage.). It has not been hard enough to draw blood. She is one year old. On the leash, we did have one occurrence today where another dog walked by and went to the end of his leash and up on his hind legs trying to get to her. She was up in a flash and went toward him, no lunging, barking, or anything I saw as aggressive, just alert and ready to go. I’m having a hard time finding resources to learn more about how my family would go about working with the dog on this issue. Is this a big deal? Moderately big deal? We spent some time talking to several of the rescue volunteers about it, and we’ve reached out to a local behaviorist to discuss. My biggest concern is that we are renting a house without a fenced in yard. Doggie day care was one of our ideas for helping her to get enough exercise without having room to run around off leash at our house, but until we can work with her on this issue, doggie day care wouldn’t work. She was GREAT with me and my husband on leash, so that’s good. We want to make sure that we can give her the exercise and stimulation she needs to be a happy, non-destructive husky. And that we (as inexperienced husky owners, I might add) are able to work on this with her. My secondary concern is that, without training, this will progress from dominant play (what it sounds like to me now) to dog aggression. Appreciate any guidance you all have!
  14. A local rescue posted a great video on what to expect from a husky. It shows things that you can read about but may not believe until you see it with your own eyes if you've never owned one. Examples: digging a hole to China in the backyard, multiple huskies climbing over fences or opening doors (including round handle doors), and destroying couches. It also shows just how MUCH fur there is on one of these dogs.
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