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    I live in North Wales with my other half and 2 crazy huskies Astro and Koda!
    I do a lot of charity events such as Tough Mudder and I have a degree in Sports Science.
    When I first left school I was an apprentice mechanic for Vauxhall! I do still have an interest in cars and I especially like old Fords such as Mustangs. I wanted to be a mechanic for the Vauxhall BTCC team!
    I am quite good at drawing and when I was 10 I came 3rd in a national competition to design a poster about caring for a dog for NCDL (now called Dogs Trust).
    I'm also a 1st Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and I once trained with Olympic gold medalist Jade Jones before she stopped doing TAGB Tae Kwon Do
    I also enjoy DIY around the house, volunteering at my local animal rescue, watching rugby league and football (Liverpool supporter!), watching BTCC and the TT, and going on days out to interesting places such as National Trust buildings

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  1. Is it the mobile number ending in 225 you have? Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  2. I don’t think I’ll be able to pop down this year, Harlow’s been in and out of hospital a lot since Easter so just going to have a nice chilled weekend I think! Hope you all have a fab time Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  3. Have you tried pieces of ham and different types of treats? My husky is really fussy with treats, he spits out the ones the vet and other dog walkers give him! He likes high meat content ones such as Orijen (the expensive ones haha) Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  4. B&M sell awful dog treats and toys too, I’ve seen a few news stories about their products and dogs dying from them Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  5. Hi where abouts are you? Most husky specific rescues in the U.K. are jam packed full at the moment and have waiting lists Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  6. I refuse to click on any article by The Scum, but yes some husky rescues have a waiting list of 6 months or more Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  7. I also got the one from Indi dog as I felt my dogs head was pulled around too much with the ones going from under the chin! He didn’t like it at first either, I had a lead attached to his harness as a back up in case he escaped. Lots of positive reinforcement works well, maybe try clicker training Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  8. Fingers crossed for a Liverpool win! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  9. I had a behaviourist round as my dog was trying to escape the crate and he was hurting himself Start out not putting him in the crate. Put him in the room where the crate is and close the door. Don’t say anything when you walk out or look at him. Stay behind the door and listen, the second he starts sniffing or pacing or crying etc, walk back into the room, again don’t say anything or give an attention. It might be seconds at first. When he gets to a minute of being ok, then start walking away, open and close your front door but stay in the house. Again as soon as he gets anxious, go and let him out. The behaviourist said to be if he is ok for 10 minutes, he will be ok for a few hours. Anxiety starts as soon as you walk out the house so once they learn you’ll be back, they are ok! You’ll have to do this a few times a day, it might take a few days before you are able to walk away from the door Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  10. She definitely needs to see a vet Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  11. My Shark is cordless too! The EU had better not confiscate it from me I’ll be fuming [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  12. My Shark vacuum is great, picks up husky hair no problem [emoji1360] the game of thrones story is an old one from last year, but good for him for speaking up about the problem Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  13. Zoomus huskyitus [emoji23] It does sound like normal husky behaviour how long are you walking him for? Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  14. First of all, 6 weeks is far too early for a puppy to be parted from his mum or litter. 8 weeks is the minimum, and it can cause problems such as biting, hard to train and separation anxiety. Huskies are hard to train as it is! Smacking him and rubbing his nose in his mess isn’t going to solve anything, it’s actually very cruel and a very outdated ‘training method’. All it will do is make him fearful of you and that will probably lead to aggression. Positive reinforcement is the way forward, but it’s not going to happen overnight! It is going to take time, you have to have a lot of patience when training a husky. I don’t think my first husky was fully house trained until he was one! My second was a rescue, he was 7 months old when I got him and he pooped at the top of my stairs for a month or two after I got him. You have to stick to one method and be consistent, take him outside regularly and reward when he goes outside Dog run wouldn’t help, huskies like their own space but they are pack animals and need to be around people. That wouldn’t solve the issue of him toileting in the house. Huskies are also renowned escape artists! It is going to take time, he was taken from his mum at a very young age so you will need to keep that in mind and be patient with him Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  15. Whoever ‘they’ is, might only feed their dog 2 cups but all food guidelines are different! I don’t see why you wouldn’t follow the instructions on the pack. The issues you are describing aren’t necessarily down to the amount of food she is eating Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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