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  1. Had to give Mollie benadryl. :( My poor girl has the left side of her snout swolen and her nose is dry and warm even tho she is drinking plenty of water.

    1. Emma


      hope she gets better soon. Bear's muzzle and face swelled up last month, took a few days to settle down, I thought she had turned into a sharpei. :(

  2. Me at easter this year.
  3. Home from class. It's the bf's BIRTHDAY!!! Hopefully do a little bit of celebrating.

  4. time to go to class then home to play with the dogs and hopefully meet the new neighbors!

  5. so excited to go on a walk later tonight. Both my dogs need it

    1. Marc


      Already been and done mine. Not sure who it tires most lol

  6. I took Jax in to petsmart today and got a gentle lead head collar. Spent a few minutes working with a trainer and was very happy with how well it worked. My easy walk harness was just to big for him so now i am sure we will be enjoying many walks now.
  7. i had to use the easy walk harness on my half st bernard and half german shpeherd. She quit pulling. We just got jax a few weeks ago. He pulls like a freight train. I got out my harness this morning and was able to fit it to him. I tried it out in the house incase it would be too big. It stopped him. Yes! I couldn't walk him when we take the dogs on a walk. We will try it out tonight outside.
  8. I have one issue with giving mine bones. I was warned when we got my husky not to give him bones. He becomes very territorial with them and will snap at you when you try to take them from him. He does have some food agression. My st bernard german shepherd mix has a bad habbit of shattering the bones and that worries me because of the chances of the shards hurting her stomach and bowels. What do I do?
  9. Jax is three years old and one month. He is 60 pounds. is this a good weight for him?
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