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  1. Unfortunately, in Warsaw there are no big fenced park so he cannot run too much
  2. Hello again, Iwark now is 9 months old and 29kg, very halthy and happy. On other hands, we having some problems, first he can only play with husky because he basically too much physical for any other breed and he try to ... all dogs in the park. So nobody really want to play with Iwark anymore, I see people waiting that he leaves the box to brings their dog into. Another problem is that he pull too much when we just come out from home to go for a walk, and he basically broke 2 my ribs pulling me against a bench.So, now I can only use a soffocating collar to bring him down, because I have very big pain and i live alone and no friends. So I really don't like that, but is the only way to don't have my harm broke after my ribs. But in general he is very sweet dog everybody love him, just are afraid for their dog. What can I do? All the educational training to don't pull, they just don't work on him.
  3. so angry!! THat's so disgusting how can you do it something similar to an animal ?
  4. Thank you so much for all your good comments
  5. My was "aggressive" too. = ) Well, I have mma frighted (and I really mean it) him when he was 2 months maybe for 3-4 days then he understood that I am the boss of the food . Now I can remove food from inside his throat. How I did it. You put food on the floor when he is at 1-2 meters then you stand in front of him with behind the food - he will try to take the food uncountable times then slowly you put your hands around the bowl and you simulate watching him that you eat it. if he try to go over you you just give him back 360 degree. If he try to growl to you watch him on directly on the eyes without moving underline you space. PS: It is important the food is on the floor otherwise it doesn't work. Other thing to do if your dog growl to you. *with my dog growl for other reasons when he want to play, so I grab his mouth with my hands and put my face against his nose. But don't do it if you are afraid or you feel you cannot have a full fight with him. (my dog know he is an husky i am a pitbull ) so he always after give me kisses on the mouth.
  6. Wow she is so beautiful
  7. Yes, but from my experience he does not love me in a "special" way. Probably he just know i am a good source of food
  8. Someone told me, meanwhile you are trying to call him back he is already having nice time with another family
  9. We are living in a flat but it is kind of hard
  10. Iwark is the beloved dog of all the neighborhood He kiss and love everyone .
  11. Iwark did the same more or less at 7 month. I didn't bring him down because I thought he was like a teenager that sleep all day long , after a month he backs normal
  12. I am missing from the forum for many months and to update about Iwark: he is now ...
  13. I can say my opinion on walking off leash: No. He might be chase something and after an hour he realized you are not there. Everyone I know having an husky told me from the day 1, never leave him off leash, never leave him near open windows, and if he stay in a garden with a fence be sure he cannot jump it or ding under it. About the crate, my dog has been never able to stay there, he would cry and cry until we don't open it.
  14. Hello, sorry for the "biting" title, but I wanna share with you guys some of my thoughts about this topic. For a relatively long time I am wondering if to go to the dog park has several backslash on your dog health and behaviour or it is something that you cannot avoid it. Well, first of all dogs are social animals, but they are naturally social with their pack not with stranger dogs.In my opinion, bringing dogs to dog park and expecting them to socialize with other dogs is more our idea of how dog should be rather than how they are. Moreover, meeting other dog in dog park can increase the exposure to viruses and it can develope so bad behaviour copycating from other dogs. So in conclusion if he has a daily exercise/work such as pulling a scooter around the city, could it be that go to dog park is not very an husky needs?
  15. Today incredible experience, our first try on the rollerblades together. Well, what to say? He just born to pull. I told him "Go" and in less than a second he was running like the wind. Nonetheless, I felt just a couple of times, but overall he has been a good musher dog. He took the job very seriously listening all my commands carefully, even though I didn't teach them to him. What a surprise dog!
  16. 150? dunno I read online that more or less an husky eat 150g per day. But i am giving him 270 now
  17. My boy eats 270g per day and seems still hungry o.O i should give him 150g, but he eats salad as well and apple, so he eats so much and he look skinny
  18. Well, I suppose in animal world goes like that, even my old cat is so white beautiful, sweet and the best and most affectionate cat ever, almost a dog. Just for a little detail, he was a professional killer during the night ahah . Such a double life!
  19. My at 15% if you notice, it charge even pretty fast, so when it reach 100% in reality is under the 80% of the original battery endurance. So for the battery is 20% in real you are close to 0.
  20. I don't wanna look paranoid about(because i ve already posted in another topic that husky are sweet and look lovely, but they are in the top ten dangerous breeds and they have been ranked at the third position for the number of killed people, two steps before the presa canario) , but in general children + dogs = always some risk. It can be a 0.081%' even then I would never leave a child(0-15) unsupervised with a dog. So be careful, that what i want to say.
  21. Sorry I didn't wanna offend nobody just it was too funny for me. : ) .
  22. My Vet says that in warm temp, they tend to have anorexia
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