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  1. At Work....Missing my girls!

  2. Here is a better picture of me and Pasha from the past winter. This picture I don't have on the hat and goggles...
  3. This is from this past winter. The girls really enjoyed the snowman! Especially since he had dog treats as as his mouth, nose and eyes!
  4. Nice! We taught that to both of ours and they definitely know it. They pick when they feel like listening to the command though!
  5. Yeah I just can't watch the part where he has to kill his dog.....
  6. I have owned: A Dachshund named Abby A West Highland White Terrier named Cali
  7. yeah the first time I watched it I was really sad. We have watched it a few times after that too with other friends and family and it gets to me every time!
  8. Decided to watch 8 Below last night with the family. That movie always gets to me. I could never imagine having to leave my girls alone in the wilderness not knowing if I would make it back for them. I normally don't feel emotional during movies but there are two that really get to me: 8 Below Hachi Does anyone else have any movies that get to them?
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