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    Remember the TV series 'Due South' with the Mountie and his wolf partner; well I was hooked from there on in. Had other dogs that suited lifestyle but now I have a life that suits a Husky and so I have Lunar in my life. Most definitely the best baby substitute ever!
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    Rock climbing, mountaineering & art.

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  1. I tried a D-Sport walking belt but it couldn't take the pull and so came apart quickly, but now I'm on a K9 walking belt and it is so comfy in comparison. Because the pouch is removable it means I can also carry a back pack without it interfering. I have old climbing injuries where my wrist can't take a lot of pull, and wearing this just for the walk around the park has been really good. Being hands free is also a saving grace sometimes, especially up steep mountains :-)
  2. A tear or two? More like a constant stream!
  3. Yup, only 2 days ago mine swallowed a whole bar of soap. Soap!? Thankfully - it has been the only time her vomit did not make me gag!
  4. I have been playing around with a vintage camera using film, brought back childhood memories and I do think the photos have something that the digital SLR has lost.
  5. I thought as much, this is where 2 parents are parenting from a different hymn book. My entire childhood and my previous dogs not once did I hit them. And never have with Lunar in all her 9 months, until these last 2 occasions, my bad reaction to a fearful situation. It's the boyfriend I'm worried about, has his behaviour led to this situation? Can we still fix this?. After today he even agrees, that if I show him ways to stop her he will back off completely. Unfortunately his upbringing with animals is completely different to mine :-(
  6. Hi Everyone, My boyfriend and I are lost and need some advice. Today Lunar bite me for real today, and it also included a friend visiting, so I am really shaken and troubled. Background: I have only had obedient Labradors and Collies in my life, and I was brought up never to strike but just a Tap on the nose for bad behaviour. My boyfriend on the other hand does strike. Which has led to Lunar loves playing with him and behaves out of fear. Lunar loves me (she is my dog, I exercise her, cuddle her and I'm the one she runs to if scared or in pain) However, from an early age with all my wild camping, and trips away, it's a lot of just me and her time. And any visitors into our area she is cautious about, albeit our camping site or home. Normal discipline: if she does something naughty straight to her bed for time out. Now let the story begin: 2 weeks ago she was having fun in the bath and I asked her to get out. She did not respond. I asked her again in my angry teacher voice. Nothing, went to pick her up and she growled and snarled. In the end I physically grabbed her out of bath. All done. Last Friday cooking chips, one falls on floor, I went to pick it up and she bit me. Shocked, surprised I did hit her back, and as soon as I said bed she took herself there knowing full well she did wrong. Today, friend came round to visit. Normal growling and resultant banishing from room. However, boyfriend gave her a bone just before he leaves. 1 hr into visit she comes in places bone on floor and lunges for my friend sitting at the table. I get up to shout no and hit her, she wets herself and leaps onto the sofa. Needless to say, friend leaves. I ask her to come off the sofa, go to pick up bone and she snaps and growls at me. I try again, and this time she manages to bite me and refuses to get off. Boyfriend comes home, gets her off physically, I say bed and off she goes, tail between her legs. 20 minutes later, I am writing this shaking from adrenaline and she is all over me for cuddles. So, I need desperate advice: how do I make her accept visitors when it's just me and her? And what response should I give when she refuses to act and takes an aggressive approach? Thanks, Tessa
  7. TessaHelen

    Oh Dear

    My baby just came back from being spayed, she's out for the count. But bless her, her little whimper made my heart crack :-(
  8. They have been made illegal in Wales but not in England. Go figure....
  9. My boyfriend used to work for Yodel, and after what he saw, he always uses Hermes or any other postal service other than Yodel! That is one company where there needs to be an undercover boss!
  10. Here we go: visual example for the non-Brits, just add a lot more thorns and brambles for the typical stile :-)
  11. Calling all country bumpkins, I live, breathe and walk countryside, only problem is the good old British stile. Where there is no badger gate, the only way is up and over. Has anyone managed to train their husky to get over one? Any tips on how to train my girl to do it? At 24kg already at 7 months, carrying over will not last much longer! Thanks for any advice, Tessa x
  12. My best friend had his knee aspirated End of June. I got to watch so I can tell you it wont be pleasant: lots of local anesthetic needed. Good news is knee now not so swollen and can do gentle climbing and walking 5 weeks later. advice: have lots of ice packs ready for your return home! Good luck!
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