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  1. Shadow fell asleep on the couch with me!
  2. Here is Shadow a few minutes before my boyfriend got home and kicked her off the couch. She was cuddling with me
  3. My girl got off the lead today, somehow unclipped it. She sees a bird and runs at it, the bird gets away, but now she's realised she can leave the park and she just goes. I charge after her and luckily I can run faster then her when I want to and caught up with her around the corner. She scared the crap out of me. I'm never letting her off the lead on purpose after that. She didn't even think anything of it when I caught her, I just put the lead back on and she instantly went back to trying to drag me where she wanted to go :/
  4. I've had people be really funny with me for not allowing my sweet well behaved dog off her lead or take the halti head harness off because she obviously doesn't need it. Sure, they don't have to walk her or deal with her prey drive etc. I can barely walk her without the halti because she is so bad. I've only had her nearly two months now, she's seven and never been walked on the lead before, shes very naughty outside (will jump up at people etc and her prey drive is insane. I knew she was going to be like this when i chose her, i knew the rules, it just pisses me off that other people think I know nothing about my dog or I'm a bad owner because of these things.
  5. Choosing your first dog what happened? I went to the local dog shelter to look at the dogs. I wasn't sure if we were going to get one because my boyfriend wasn't sure about it. I wasn't going to pressure him into it, but if we felt it was right we would say yes. We looked around and spotted a few dogs we wanted to see/know more about. We didn't want a husky though, I knew how hard they are to handle, they prey drive put us off and the fact that we can't let them off the lead anywhere. Age didn't matter to us, but we wanted an older dog. what did you do? We chose to meet Shadow. She came up to the glass when she saw us and tried to lick us through it. When she couldn't get to us she just sat against the glass to try and be close to us. Out of the dogs we picked out, she was the only one to have only shown aggression at the vets. We weren't worried about this, my boyfriend didn't want a dog that had shown aggression to anyone, but the vet thing didn't bother him as all dogs act up there. So we went to meet the dog. First thing she did when she met us was put her ears back and lick us to near death. She was so damn friendly. It was instant, we knew she was our dog. what would you advise now more experienced? Nothing actually, just if you have problem with pulling and walking, get a Halit head harness. I knew everything I needed really. I have never been around dogs much, but I had experience with large dominant dogs because my uncle had one I was kind of scared of as a kid, but as I grew up I got used to him and he was a pushover in the end. Preparing your home what happened? I had a ton of crap downstairs, I got rid of as much as possible and moved my rats upstairs to my bedroom so they would be out of the way. We have actually had no problems with our dog and stuff. Shadow for some reason respects us enough not to steal and ruin any of our stuff, well apart from any food left in her reach. First 24 hours home what happened? She ran around the house getting into everything. She had to pee a thousand times, ended up getting overexcited when I went to feed her and peed on the carpet, even though she had been out to pee ten minutes before. what did you do? Left her to her own devices pretty much. I took her out back every half hour to pee because she was that excited that she couldn't hold herself. She also ran around like an idiot with her toys. what would you advise now more experienced? Do not let your boyfriend leave you alone for an entire first day with a strange new animal alone. It's stressful as hell with them free ranging around the house and not knowing them. First walk what happened? She took me for a walk. It was so bad I had to give her to my boyfriend because I ended up with no skin on my fingers from the lead once we were around the corner. what did you do? I bought her a Halti Head Harness and a body harness and it worked wonders with her walking. It was instant, I could finally walk her without any of the problems. what would you advise now more experienced? Work harder at getting her lead trained. I'm still working on it and she's getting so much better already, but we are still having some issues, especially when she gets distracted, which happens very often with her. First training session what happened? She was pretty responsive when I bribed her with treats. what did you do? I did all her basic commands and taught her some new ones. She loved it, but got distracted pretty easily. what would you advise now more experienced? Don't use treats she snatches from you, those teeth hurt (working on it). First long journey what happened? She climbed into the back of the car, cuddled up to me and just sat still on the floor next to me. No issues at all. Well, apart from dog hair. First time having someone visit home what happened? She ran to the door and jumped straight up at the person. what did you do? I couldn't do much that time, she wouldn't listen to me. what would you advise now more experienced? Do what I'm doing now. I put her in the living room and make her sit on her bed. Today she went to her bed, realised she had to behave before she got attention so she lay down on the floor and just watched us. When she was settled down she was allowed to greet our visitor and just licked her to death. First time meeting another dog what happened? She was a typical husky and scared the other dog off trying to rough play. what did you do? I learned to make her sit and hold her back while meeting a new dog just to keep her calm so she doesn't scare them. She tends to intimidate dogs without trying which freaks out the owners. what would you advise now more experienced? Be careful with her around other dogs. Most other dogs get scared with her and tend to become aggressive around her. She is fine, but she is more wary of other dogs now. First holiday what happened? When we tried to leave with our bags and she made a break out the front door for the first time ever. I ended up dragging her back inside. I gave her a hug and she just hid her head in my arms. She had a good few tantrums with my friend the next few days but she calmed down pretty quickly. what did you do? I left her at home with a friend she liked who ended up house sitting. what would you advise now more experienced? Nothing, everything went well and she is very happy to have us home.
  6. I use my Wacom tablet a lot, that is how I could tell what it was. Now I've got to find something again. Hmm.
  7. The name of the uniform is a Gi. And camera phone camera?
  8. I'll give this one to you, it's my Karate black belt. Got it seven years ago and I'm still training!
  9. I hope this one is a little easier
  10. We have a winner, it's a SNES game cartage. (I stole the image from Ebay, but this is the game, it was the only game I had out apart from an Atari game)
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