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  1. Poor boy. Does he lose a bit of balance from the toe removal? Hope all is ok.
  2. Haha we are getting used to it now. Molly doesn't go to the mud pool when alone but she likes to invite her playmates there! The trick is we need to let them run in the grass area afterward then it almost clean her by 80%. Once she is dry, we brush her throughly and then she is clean again.
  3. Molly and her brother Falco having a mud fight at dog park this evening, Charly was the referee.
  4. Emma did you say you think Bear might be Husky x GSD? She really looks like one of Molly's brothers.
  5. Molly fell asleep after playing with the blanket.
  6. Molly is being a good puppy chewing on her antler now.
  7. Thanks, Akane! On the side note, I am new with husky but is it right to say they are very cat like? I saw Molly played with a dead mouse she found in the garden. Also she doesn't make any sound walking around the house. My other dog you can hear him from the other end of the house :-)
  8. Charly the French basset. Slow pace and extremely laid back dog. He is a good brother to Molly and amazingly I can walk them together (for now). Molly the husky pup always on short leash learnt when to sit and wait for the slow brother who always on a long flexi leash. I am thinking when Molly is old enough I'll start fast pace walking/running with her and then second round of short pace walk with Charly, for Molly to cool down... Charly is THAT slow lol..
  9. Hi Jase, You are right. Especially Molly is still young and she doesn't trust me like Charly does. that is if I approach her she would think I want to take her food and quickly swallow it. At times she simply swallow her food so that she could go help Charly with his. I don't underestimate the danger of choking either, but with her I am more worried about internal obstruction. Day old chick is small and soft and bones are tiny and probably soft too. It is nice to see she chews it though. We feed prepackaged ground up meat because there are quite a few brands here so it is convenient. I've trie the barf feeding because at one point Charly was losing interest with the ground up meat. I've even invested a new freezer, but Charly being the picky eater lost interest very soon (too much work for him) so I ended up with lot of chunky organ. Also with his pickiness, he had problem with too hard/too soft stool. So in the end we turned back to the prepackaged meat, it is just easier with the right proportion of bone/meat and I could finally stop doubting myself if I have got that right. Also the sausage shape packaging makes more room in the freezer :-) For Molly I just put the ground meat in a kong and let her work on it. This way charly can enjoy his food at his slow pace. I should have know from your choice of feeding that you are from down under :-) I lived in Sydney for 3 years but didn't have a dog then.
  10. Hi Jase, thanks for your reply. I wasn't sure about my worries but I think your answers clarify them. You are right Molly is definitely smart enough to connect the dots. At 10 weeks old she was already bringing home dead mole and mouse! They probably were killed by neighbour's cat but she was over the moon playing with the dead mouse! That's one reason I wanted to give her some whole food along with her ground raw food, to let her work on the food and be tired from it, instead of keep bringing home the wild.. The other reason I started with day old chick is that she is a gulper, once I gave Charly an oxtail chunk Molly got soooo excited she almost swallow the whole thing. So I wanted to give her something small enough for her to learn to crunch/chew, and safe enough that if she swallow it, it wont be a problem. I'll give her the whole quails in 2 weeks time, these are about 3-4 times bigger than the day old chick, I think she will already develop the habit to crunch/chew before swallow. Luckily these are without feathers on. I think I'll have to save the fur-on rabbit ears for Charly when Molly is not around. Molly is too young to learn to control her bite and she might find Charly's flappy ears as interesting as the soft rabbit ears. I am lucky enough that here in the Netherlands there are plenty of raw options. Both dogs are on grounded raw which we are happy with, it is easy and less messy, and we also can get whole prey easily at a low cost which I give them as extra/substitute for teeth cleaning and also for chew satisfaction. We get the whole prey from Kiezerbrink which provide for market in UK and also around Benelux. Oh funny that Andy mentioned about the string on quail. We actually do play with the flirt pole, as it is Charly's favourite game, and Molly loves it too. But I've been very reserved since Molly as I don't want to encourage her to chase the small animals like cats or squirrels on the street. I'll go to the intro section and introduce myself. I am sure there will be more posts from me as Molly is such a smart puppy, we are going to need more advises here and there. cheers, Jen
  11. Thanks for your reply, Andy. I am just a bit worried because she is still a puppy, and doesn't seem to realise that she is biting too hard on Charly. We go to dog park and she plays nicely with other dogs, and she knows when to back off when older dogs growl at her. But she seems to target on Charly knowing his soft characters, and never take him seriously. The dogs get processed rabbit ears (with fur on) and to be frank, our Charly flappy ears are just as soft :-)
  12. Hello, I am new member here so hope to get some advises. We've a 5 months old Husky/Shepherd mix puppy, Molly. She has been on raw (ground) food since 8 weeks old and doing great. Our other dog 5 years old Basset, Charly is also on the same diet so no problem there. I'd like to give whole prey raw food to Molly as treat, like day old chicks, small quails, rabbit head or rabbit ears etc. I've so far given her the day old chicks and she just chew and eat the whole thing, really like a wolf :-) Molly is still in her puppy phase which means she like to bully her brother dog Charly. When she was younger (8-9 weeks) we've dogsitted our neighbour Labrador dog and Molly keep biting on his neck while the lab held on to the toys. The Labrador was a very sweet dog and he never once growled at Molly. He was just obsessed with the toys and putting up with Molly's biting. Because of his long hair it took us a while to realise that Molly's bite have caused infection on his neck, and he ended up having to have the wound cleaned and was on antibiotic for a while. Charly on the other hands will cry if Molly bites him, so we could always stop the behaviour. For your info, Molly is very careful with human, she would grab my hand/arm when I interfere, but once I tell her 'Hey, that's my arm', she let go. She never bite us and seems very careful with human flesh. Now the question, I am concerned if the whole prey model will increase her prey drive or make her aggressive. This sounds silly as Charly has been on raw for years and I give him oxtail, pig foot occasionally and I have never once worry that he will become bloodthirsty. But Molly seems to be very wild spirit, like a real dog and now I am not sure. We fostered Molly's mother when she was pregnant so we know that she also has very high prey drive. (She gave birth at our place and we took care of the pups until the adoption completed through the local shelter, but that's a different story). Does anyone have similar experience, as in feeding whole prey to high prey drive husky? I've yet to feed her rabbit, but if it is with fur on, I wonder if she will start chasing one if she sees them at the park. Any comments are appreciated. thanks!! Jen
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