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  1. Next job. Expand the Stella storage!
  2. Four weeks today, people will be arriving to join me and @robke. Cant wait to see you all again. I have finished the caravan repairs/mods ready for test run next week. Repaired the Truma blown air heating. Having previously decided it was scrap, in the process of removing, found a damaged PCB which I have 'modified'. Replaced the single electrical socket in the Kitchen with a double that includes USB charging points. Fitted the old kitchen socket at foot of the bed, perfectly place for 'Hoover' and hairdryer. Fitted another double socket with USB in overhead locker at foot of bed, perfect for charging kit out of site and provided sockes for (5). Fitted additional Cold Fan / Heater in over head locker, perfectly placed to blow length of caravan. Hides nicely out of site when locker closed.
  3. Five weeks today everyone! I have been contemplating switching my phone from Apple to Android before camp so thought I would do some tests. Decided to stick with Apple rather than Android as it is much faster. I asked them both to plot my journey times from home to camp:- Apple: 3 hours 23 minutes Android: 3 hours 38 minutes
  4. LOL - That is why I said "had a river running through it" and put beach in inverted commas. ie. flat beach like entry to the river. Kept me busy in my Lunch Break though, trying to find it on google maps.
  5. It was nice there, but not what I was thinking of. Its West, has no river and not very scooter friendly. After staring at Google Maps for a while, I found it. Alyn Waters!
  6. I thought the whiteboard with a list of options worked really well. Had distances, times etc. (whether there is a pub there). Means for the regular excursions, we can swap about based on weather. But obviously some events need to be fixed / prioritized / pre-booked. Barrys BBQ, Group Dinner (out), Group Dinner (camp), Off-lead I really like that place we went that was to the East, wasn't Loggerheads, but that direction. Had a really good circular walk that was mobility scooter friendly, had a river running through it with a good 'beach'. Someone must know where I am talking about.
  7. I was planning on Friday afternoon, but will look at escaping the office Thursday and coming a day early. Will be around then to help others / put up party tent etc.
  8. Who else is in the field? Most are in statics this year.
  9. Was just thinking, could have done the attendees list in this style, just to make us think...... Ares & Lucy + 2 adults Darwin + 2 adults & 1 child Dallas & Sabre + 2 adults Eski, Chester and Blu + 2 adults
  10. No no no no, that place scares me. I always worry that you lot will get me so drunk I’ll agree to something there. Then my bravado has to fight my dibilitating fear of heights. Just had a look at ‘freefall’ and got sweaty palms. Ares has already learnt to walk in the middle of a bridge and not go near the edge. Less than four months today! Where is our countdown Rob?
  11. Are you under canvas this year mate?
  12. That is only going to end one way with my Ares aka dumbass. Me being dragged along in the water.
  13. Wondering what to get your Huskies for Christmas? Why not book them a holiday to Husky Camp? Happy Huskies and Happy Humans.
  14. Glad to see I’m already on the list. Top post Mark! May well be two dogs by then...........
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