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  1. I blundered into to the World of Huskies with Logan. Found the forum and found the family. We would not have the crazy fur balls we have today without you all. Logan (RIP), Lucy, Ares and Khaos have loved every camp. As have we. Thank you for everything, decorating my caravan, , dressing me in nappies, baywatch suits & mankinis. Thank you all for being my friends, more like family.
  2. Booked and paid! Very happy camper here. We can’t wait to see everyone. It is going to blow my dogs minds!. Lucy will be Lucy, Ares had become the gentle but mad giant and then there is........ Khaos. He will speak his mind and likes to sing. If you put a can of beer down, if he can reach, it is his. Unattended cups of tea will be disposed of, coffee is safe. The lovable dumbass will steal your hearts & your beer. Speaking of which, I better start stockpiling. i hope all the dogs remember each other, Lucy’s love/hate relationship with Sabre, Koda leading Ares astray, Darwin and Ares as best mates, Lucy and Simba (oops), a wrestle with Chester for Ares and so many more great moments to revisit.
  3. Fair play mate. Who knows what the next weeks, months will bring.
  4. Got my notification a couple of weeks back. Personally I’m taking the voucher, as soon as they open, I’ll go anyway just for a break from the status quo. Not worried about expiry dates as they will extend them until they open, regardless of when that is. But mine was only £130 so, not exactly a massive bonus. @Marc is right though. Can’t plan anything until we know the score, we don’t know how long this will last. :-(
  5. I think Dunc normally books pitch 108 to put the tent on. Ty Mawr Map.pdf Guess who still hasn't got around to booking!!
  6. @simplysie Be great to see you there, we always take our touring caravan. I’ll find the site plan as it is allocated pitches now so you can see where we put the communal camp. I always request a pitch near by.
  7. Just realised I havent actually booked yet, but I bring my own accomodation, so wont be a problem. This year we had allocated pitches in the field for the first time, so will co-ordinate with Dunc to make sure we get the usual corner. And of course, we will have three dogs this year, Lucy, Ares and Kevin.
  8. Sorry you couldn’t make it mate. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  9. Suns out at camp unlike yesterday, showers all evening. So need to finish unloading car this morning. Safe journey everybody, see you when you get here. Guessing just after lunch for most of you.
  10. Good luck sorting the motors @DanUK I see @robke has made it across the channel and is now driving on the correct side of the road. Dog food and Stella packed and caravan on charge with fridge on. Swearing involved as couldn’t find the power adapter last night so bought a new one. They only had EU ones so modified it last night. Went to plug it in just now, couldn’t find it anywhere. 20 mins later and I found the original one before the new one. Dumbass (Ares) and Lucy know we are packing and won’t leave my side, going to be very disappointed tonight as they are going to vets not camp. #badhuskydad Lucy is blowing, but it’s not coming out, can you all take turns brushing her? See you all Thursday or Friday
  11. I’ll be up tomorrow at some point, think we are going to catch evening rush hour at Brum or Stoke.
  12. You will probably have your tent up before I get there.
  13. Weather is looking good now. Packing is underway, but lost the charging adapter for the van.
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