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  1. No no no no, that place scares me. I always worry that you lot will get me so drunk I’ll agree to something there. Then my bravado has to fight my dibilitating fear of heights. Just had a look at ‘freefall’ and got sweaty palms. Ares has already learnt to walk in the middle of a bridge and not go near the edge. Less than four months today! Where is our countdown Rob?
  2. Are you under canvas this year mate?
  3. That is only going to end one way with my Ares aka dumbass. Me being dragged along in the water.
  4. Wondering what to get your Huskies for Christmas? Why not book them a holiday to Husky Camp? Happy Huskies and Happy Humans.
  5. Glad to see I’m already on the list. Top post Mark! May well be two dogs by then...........
  6. Guinnessman


    It is with such sorrow that I post, Logan passed yesterday. He had the most amazing last Husky camp and seemed so healthy. We knew he had cancer and was scheduled for scans as soon as we got home. The cancer was aggressive, but we caught it in time. He had a big op. Unfortunately he just couldn’t make it. He passed peacefully in our arms. Our tag has been ‘Logan Runs’, now Logan runs free.
  7. Tomorrow pack car. Friday, Hunstanton for long weekend. Tuesday, three days work. Friday put more Stella in car and drive to Camp!
  8. That's not fair. 4.5 working days for me.
  9. I had a chat with Logan and he still wants to come to camp. On Sunday, he had a big chunk cut out of his bottom jaw and it is now quite fragile. He has strict orders from the vet of no ‘mouth play’. I know we are all really good with asking before giving treats or anything, but some of us know each so well now, we may forget. Logan can’t have anything hard/crunchy/chewy, he is on small soft treats only. Don’t even say ‘chicken feet’ to him! On the positive side, IT IS ONLY 16 DAYS ‘TILL CAMP!
  10. Guinnessman


    Should that be ‘beer with’? i assume that is why the app doesn’t work for me. I’ll stop reinstalling it now. Lol
  11. 3 weeks to go! A few of us will already be there.
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