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  1. TheSimms


    Morning, I am looking to buy a new harness for my two year old Husky. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? The Harness will be used for walking?
  2. I have seen bigger male Iguana's but I don't think I'd want one any bigger than Ziggy. He can certainly move quickly when he needs to that's for sure lol They got on SO well, Ziggy was a bit like 'What is this creature you have put before me' but he sat calmly and let Kira sniff his backside haha
  3. Our Kira is 18 months old. She came to us 6 months ago and had been brought up with small kids and cats in the home. Even though she'd been brought up with cats she was obviously still curious of the three cats in our house. The cats were absolutely horrified when the dog came! At first we kept Kira caged for short times while we were out and at night to allow the cats to roam in safety and for all to get used to each other. Once they all became a bit familiar with each other we allowed them all to roam free. It took about 2-3 months to get to this point. During this time there was the odd dog-cat chase. Two out of thee of the cats weren't really bothered by the dog so the dog was able to get used to them much quicker. The third cat was very shy and when he did make an appearance he would see the dog and make a dash for it. Obviously Kira would chase him but now they sit near to each other. I suppose always be cautious, maybe we are just lucky that they all tolerate each other.
  4. Two of my babies getting up close. Kira my 18 month old husky meets Ziggy my 12 year old Iguana.
  5. TheSimms


    Brilliant. Kira makes for the first bit of shade she finds, not a sun dog, like me, roll on winter
  6. TheSimms

    Pack Pics

    Absolutely goooooooorgeous
  7. I tried uploading the video but it wouldn't work :-(
  8. Kira and Ice meet for the first time
  9. haha Good advice Gary, thanks all, she's still quite sleepy but she's definitely perked up today. My beige sofa is not is such great condition, of course she chooses to plant her leaky bits on the one spot I didn't cover with a blanket lol
  10. Hi all Our Kira just started coming into season. She is 16 months old and hadn't been done before she came to us so on the advice of the vet we were going to wait 3 months after her next season. As far as we know she already had her first season before she came to us. She's been bleeding for about 3 days now and although she is still fairly her happy and energetic self you can notice a difference, she sometimes goes into bouts of looking down in the dumps and being a bit lethargic. Was just wondering if anyone could suggest anything we can do as owners to make her more comfortable or make it easier for her? Cheers
  11. We love Eastbourne, a bit less in ya face than Brighton which is probably our nearest seaside. Kira loves the sights and smells, she's not so sure about the sea itself lol
  12. Hi Nikki Yeah Kira is coming along really well thankyou, put on loads of weight and really enjoying getting out and about. You are right, they are such quick learners and very clever dogs. Yes we are close to both, we take her round Chartwell at Westerham alot and Edenbridge is just through the lanes, so let us know when you're around. Kira has never met another husky yet! xx
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