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  1. Wolfee

    Husky fur stains

    It is slabs, but it’s the rain mixed with the dirt on the ground that makes her paws dirty 😭 I go out there daily & hose down the pee & poops but she manages to run through them anyway.. If I try to keep her indoors she just paces & howls the house down. She has the option to come in, just chooses to stay out even when it’s raining 🤷🏼‍♀️ thinks she’s some kind of Eight Below dog 😂 Did you do anything special to get the mud off?? I’ve read that just wiping them down a few times a day with a warm cloth does the trick but Idk
  2. My girl seems to wanna live that snow dog life so she likes spending most of her time outside, only problem is it’s rainy & wet here most of the time, so she always gets muddy feet. Any ideas on how to get the stains out?? all of my dogs have the option to go in and out as they please, but she goes crazy if I lock her inside, snow dog to her core.
  3. My 4 year old girl has just blown her coat, and I’m just thinking damn she looks thin... I do think that she’s a sprint type husky as far as breed standard goes, so she’s smaller, more slender & her fur isn’t as poofy. But is it just because her coat has blown or is she actually thin? She gets fed twice a day but she’s really not the type to inhale her food she leaves it & goes back to it. She just eats when she feels like it, even if it’s raw, dry, wet or if you add stuff like fish, gravy, eggs etc.
  4. I don't think it's ringworm, she's had this for a month and a bit now on her nose and our other dog isn't affected at all, and since adding more fish to her diet it's improving... thanks though, I appreciate all of the replies! I freaked out when I found it
  5. Here's some more pictures of it I managed to get... if you notice there's a pinkish/reddish tinge to her fur, that's why I think she has a zinc deficiency, because she had it around her muzzle and around the fur on her mouth...
  6. I am freaking out, I've just found a massive bald patch on Freya's chest!! Like completely bald! her muzzle near her nose has small bald patches because we think she has a zinc deficiency, so we've just started feeding her raw sardines mixed with her dry, and it's getting better but I've literally only just seen this patch on her when I was cuddling her! What is it?! Do I need a vet? She seems fine like her character is normal and she's running around being playful normally, eating normally and all that.... anyone help?
  7. This is the first time I've heard of this event, can anyone give me a little more info about where it is and what exactly is on? ^_^ Is it a huge husky fair, or a combined dog walk etc? Thank you!! <3
  8. Did you do anything specific to calm yours down? Will the whole idea of not giving her attention until she's calm work?
  9. I tried what you said, first session it seemed to go well, I got Lexi in the kitchen with me on her own for a while, ignored her until she calmed down, she kept trying to hop on my lap and kept putting her head on my knees, but I just pushed her down or just ignored her until she lied down (she did eventually), and then gave her a pat when she did, and then I put her in the crate with her lead on (just incase) and each time I pet Freya, I'd give her a treat... As time went on, she became lots more relaxed and more focused on me and the treats when I was petting Freya, so she didn't mind as much.. Hopefully this works
  10. Just so you can sort of see her behaviour, this is how she is when I greet her, here I'm ignoring her until she's calm IMG_9908.MOV
  11. I've been walking them together to see if that would create a stronger bond, but now I see that it's not their bond that's the problem, Lexi is just too jealous... I need to get a handle on it, they've made each other bleed before with their fights, it's hard to get them apart too when they're both such strong breeds :/ thank you for all the advice, I'll definitely be starting this ASAP to hopefully see a change so far I think I'm gonna try: one to one play/walks with both And possibly try the attention and treats (but do I tie them both up on other sides of the yard and only give them attention when they're both calm? Or just give them attention one by one, then treats afterwards? If you could break it down for me step by step so I know I'm not doing anything to make it worse, I'd be so grateful <3 )
  12. They don't actually now that I think about it.... They're always together would it help if I spent alone time with each of them from time to time? Like one on one walks, cuddles etc. Im just scared that would make her more possessive
  13. So Freya and Lexi have been fighting lately, and I know why now I'm 100% sure that they are fighting over me. they only ever fight when I'm there, if it's other members of the family they're fine together. They stay outside together all the time, and they're fine, but as soon as I step out they're at it again. On a walk, I had Lexi go for Freya everytime Freya came over to me for cuddles, Lexi would go for her... And Freya wouldn't come near me after that, just stand at a distance looking at us, whilst Lexi stayed near me. Im at a loss of what to do now... Lexi isn't technically even my dog, she's my brothers but he doesn't bother with her so I kind of took her on, but if she's fighting with mine then I may have no choice but to sort of distance myself from her... Any help? I don't know what to do
  14. Wolfee


    Yeah haha the only downside is that when it comes to emotions they're useless
  15. Wolfee


    Thanks everyone, I'm better now. I think I was just in a bit of a funny rut at that moment. Funnily enough they're all guys haha, I get along with dudes better x that's the thing though, guys are useless with this sort of stuf haha xx they always try to cheer me up though. To be honest ive been off them for about a week because I ran out and couldn't get a doctors appointment to renew them, so I think it's mostly withdrawal, and the effects of starting them again a few days ago, so I'll probably have to wait for them to kick in again I'm usually fine when I'm continually on them, and I know this logically but I can't help where my mind wanders off to sometimes x
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