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  1. Sorry haven't been on for a wile guys been soooo busy ..... anyway I've just taken a picture of a lump I've just noticed on the end of diesels man bit ..... For a few days I thought he was getting excited etc and didn't really pay much attention but tonight he was lieing on his back and I realised it's a actual lump and not him being pleased to see me ..... ringing vets first thing but anyone else ever experienced this ..... got me worried ..... he's not in no pain eating drinking going for wees etc all perfectly normal .... sorry if ure abit swirmish in advance x
  2. Diesel saying whatcha doing mom lol x
  3. You are a star thank you x
  4. Perfect thank you so much [emoji4] x
  5. Same thing happened to me last week with myia .... rushed her to emergency vets and they said more than likely a head trauma lasted about hour and half and was nearly back to normal size x I also panicked as was quite disturbing and thought the worst but she fine now [emoji2] x but she like bull in China shop too they both are so could quite easily of banged it x
  6. diesel myia both together Here are a few pics of myia and diesel so anything you can do [emoji4] and theme wilderness/wild/wolf x
  7. Thank you ill go through my millions now lol x
  8. Could I possibly get one pleeaassseeee x
  9. K3llyann

    Kodi's Eyes

    Absolutely gorgeous [emoji7] x
  10. Vet reckons quite normal so will give her few weeks to settle x if she doesn't I will get second opinion as vet told me once she spayed all hormones dissappear so surely shouldn't be happening x
  11. Thank you so much fingers crossed and huskyhugs received and returned [emoji5] x x
  12. Tbf both my two have had problems my male diesel had allergic reaction to something and his face swole to point he couldn't open his eyes he picked up last week finally now myia spayed and she gets a infection ....... They both making me feel guilty and suffer for putting them through it I reckon lol x
  13. Got her in and they said she hasn't torn them it just looks like it as it's infected poor little girl x she's now on course of antibiotics and got to wear cone of shame for a while longer now x thank you all for asking how she doing [emoji4] x
  14. Woke up and wound looks terrible just trying to get hold of vets to get her straight up
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