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  1. many thanks for all your replies At the present time I am looking at Osbourne Place in Cambridgeshire...got some good Husky Reviews !
  2. Hello to all. in a right old fix, we are on holiday in May for a week and due to our dog sitters letting us down, are in desperate need of somewhere to put our two for a week....Not something I really want to do,but no real choice at the moment Does anyone know or recommend a boarding kennels, as near to Surrey in UK as possible, that specialises in or is good with Huskies please ? After trawling the net I keep seeing Osbourne place in Cambridgeshire ??...I wouldn't mind travelling for the right place Many thanks in anticipation Desperate Dad
  3. Hello everyone My name is Kaya and I live with my best friend Luca and my mum and dad...my dad has just gone out so I thought I would tell you what I did today! My dad has just brought a new lead for me, it goes backwards and forwards into a box in his hand and it lets me walk away, I also have a harness. Today I saw a mouse and chased it, my dad was looking at luca and I got to the end of my lead and turned to look at him, my dad pulled the lead, and I slipped out of my harness ! it was a great game, and I ran and ran and ran, I heard dad calling, but I love the feeling of escaping...a long time later I went back to where I had run away from and saw my mum and dad and Luca, dad sort of acted funny and jumped on top of me so I couldn't move while mum put a harness and lead on me, I suppose its nice to be back with mum and dad and luca....I heard dad say " why would anyone want to let their husky off an lead" bye everyone Kaya
  4. Hello all, Similar sort of problem to Sarah..I have just got the second husky..the first,,luca, had no real problem meeting other dogs..but the second, Kita, pulls, jumps the lot and will not listen to me. They get on really well together though. I have tried firm commands and treats but don't seem to be getting anywhere. Have others with two had a similar problem..and how have you gone about it Dave
  5. Thanks Emma Please see the first pics of the gruesome twosome !
  6. Well, one has become two and so far...it been fantastic. We have had the usual humping stuff with Luca thinking he is Surreys answer to a cross between Don Corleone ( I rule the roost) and Brad Pitt ( super lover) but they have play fought and licked each other to death now actually lying down together I am so pleased we went and got the second Thanks for all your replies...I have tried to upload pics taken with I phone but it says the file is too big...any ideas ? Dave
  7. Morning Husky world ! Luca will be getting a new girlfriend later today..we are getting another husky called Kita this afternoon. Unfortunately her owners have to move and she cant go with them. She is 4, about the same age as Luca..and has recently ben neutered. I have the week off now to help them settle together. When we pick her up, we are going to let them meet on neutral ground before coming home. They have previously met for about twenty minutes and all seemed to go well Anyone been in a similar position and would have any top tips on getting them both to settle with each other ? Dave
  8. All, Many thanks for all your replies lesson learned Dave
  9. Hello all Well had Luca for 7 weeks now, he was a rescue from RSPCA and is a lovely 4 year old boy...so good that we are getting another Siberian this sunday ! but...today taught me a huge lesson. I have done all the research on the breed, and vowed never to let him off the lead. But cut the grass today, went through the door to empty the grasscatcher and left it open. Two miles later, one knackered dad catches up with Luca in a gated garden ! What is frightening is the way they go..they wont listen they wont repsond until they have no where else to go. Then he came to Dad wondering what all the fuss was about. Hard lesson to learn..we will teach him recall, but I will NEVER let him off the lead Dave
  10. Hello all Got the bug good style after getting Luca a month ago...he is around 4 and is husky malamute mix and is a lovely boy....now we have seen another rescue , a 2 year old husky lad who looks in need of a good exciting home I have been told in the past that having two boys doesn't work ( I must admit I have always had two dogs but they have been male and female) what is the general opinion..does it work and is there anything I need to look out for Being a rescue it gives us an opportunity for the two to meet first before we take things further thanks Dave
  11. Hello to all , We have had Luca for three weeks now and she is settling in nicely, she was a rescue dog and we think she is three to four years of age. Previously we have always had border collies and loved them all, but the antics this lad gets up to makes me smile...we are trying to give him treats between meals ( he earns them as his running with me is coming on, or me with him anyway !) but he just buries everything. I have to say he digs a magnificent hole which is just the right size and then pushes the earth back with his nose and covers his tracks perfectly ! Is this something I need to come to expect ? Dave
  12. Morning to all, Thought I would update this for my Dad who is now very tired. I took him out on his run today and I ran very well...so well in fact that I left my dad behind ! I think the problem was me just settling in as my last dad never took me out must go now lots of kibble to eat. I will keep you posted Luca
  13. Thanks to all for you replies, never been so welcomed in any forum look forward to speaking to you all soon \Dave ps must sort out a picture of the boy !
  14. Thanks for the replies guys! I will build up the mileage gradually..as for the howling, this could be the excuse I need to get another one !!!
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