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  1. We adopted our now 8 year old husky, Zasha, when she was 9 months. Her owners got her from a pet shop and then realized how a Husky is. She's got personality and has been a great addition, though challenging in her youth (what Husky isn't). This past weekend we adopted our second Husky (from the same rescue), Zeus. He's about 10 years and is overweight with arthritis in his back legs. He's adjusting nicely and he and Zasha are adapting well to each other. Zasha is an alpha but Zeus is slowly letting her know when she's going too far and to back off (he needs his space and Zasha has no concept of personal bubbles ). I don't know his back story other than he's an owner surrender and lived on a farm for awhile.
  2. We have a 7 year old Husky (Zasha) and a cat (Lucy) and haven't had an issue. We adopted Zasha when she was around 8 or 9 months and were told her previous owners also had a cat. She seems to treat Lucy more as a smallish dog than another species. She largely ignores Lucy but will occasionally attempt to play (Lucy will also try to get Zasha to play). We crate Zasha during the day largely because we don't want her chewing other things. The biggest problem we have is Zasha eating Lucy's food and droppings (from the litter box). Zasha also does well with my mother in laws' cats, but they also ignore her. Given Zasha's attention to squirrels and small animals, I don't know if I'd trust her with a small rodent pet. On a side note, growing up one of our Dachshunds killed my sister's bird on two separate occasions (two different birds). My other Dachshund killed some baby rabbit in our yard. So small pets (like a guinea pig) might be an issue for many dog breeds.
  3. The first two are adorable. The last one I know isn't a dog but I keep it on my work computer just in case (so far I haven't had to use
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