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  1. Hello all. I've been debating this issue forever... I would like input on how you feed your husky. Puppy or adult. What I'd like to know, is how many cups of dry food you feed per day? 7 months and up. Please add age and quantity! Thank you all
  2. Does your husky have his dew claws? Mine does, and they seem very high up compared to some other breeds. Is this a husky thing? And just wondering if huskies often have them removed or not? I always worry about injury to them...
  3. Wow, thank you for all the replies. I never want to see any dog get hurt, but like I said, I just hope she will defend herself and is capable of doing so if the situation arises. I had a pitbull and a doberman when I was growing up, and with those guys, you don't have to worry if they are attacked... Luckily, my dogs were never the type to start a fight. I just worry about other dogs starting as many do. Mine is such a sweetie and she is still young. I hope she learns that not all dogs want to play! She didnt back down or even act scared when the pit came after her. I don't understand how she
  4. Thanks for your comments. I do have mace, and I'm going to keep it with me. I hate that I can't feel safe on walks. I think I will call AC. Al, my pups name is Sasha too and she is the type, right now as a puppy anyway, that thinks ALL dogs are wanting to play even if they are growling... I just hope she will have the instinct and realize when one is trying to hurt her as she gets older and either stay away or defend herself if the situation occurs . I've had a pit bull, and I know what they can do to other dogs. I've had a dobey too. And my husky is just so sweet with everyone that it worrie
  5. So, I know this may be a strange question, but... Are huskies able to fight off another dog if it is attacked? The reason I'm asking is that I am nervous about a new dog that has moved to my neighborhood. It got out of its yard twice now, and tried to attack my husky. Thankfully, the first time I had her on the leash walking into my driveway and I was able to get in the door with her before he got right up to us!, second time, she was in our fenced backyard and the other dog came up to the fence very aggressively trying to attack her through the fence. My husky is only a puppy. 6 months old. R
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