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    I'm a new husky/dog owner so I get confuddled by my little Lupin, but I love him to bits.. Though I'm a person that tends to get confuddled easily I still enjoy deep philosophical thinking every once and a while.

    Oh and I really enjoy cooking a nice meal for those I care about.. In fact I'm about ready to cook a meal right about now.. Excuse me while I head off to the kitchen :D..
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    Video games, walking/ running, gardening, and cooking
  1. In the first picture Lupin's getting ready to tell me off about something, you can tell by that cheeky look on his face! Thought I'd share the second one cause he always does that when we're sitting down, he's just pop up on the chair arm sometimes to say hello lol.
  2. Well we've gotten him to play fetch.. It just happens to be with an apple..

    1. Emma


      lol. It still counts. :)

  3. Lupin always has a lot of love to share, and of course alot of giddyness to go along with it.

    1. Val (Zebedee)

      Val (Zebedee)

      sounds like your typical husky lol

  4. Lupin always has a little love to share, and of course alot of Giddyness to go along with it.

  5. A week goes by too quickly

  6. A week goes by to quickly

  7. Giddy-Lupin

    IMG 2280

    Lupin's enjoying his stuffed kong, he simply loves his foodies!
  8. Life is for learning, laughing, and loving.

  9. I'm smilin and lovin today

  10. I'm smilin and laughin

  11. so dissapointing *sigh*

    1. BingBlaze n Skyla
    2. Giddy-Lupin


      hehe yea I'm fine thanks for asking :), was just having a trying day lol.

  12. I've never been so eager about receiving an email! I hope she replies soon!

  13. Am a bit dissappointed, but hey, there's always tomorrow lol

  14. It's interresting trying to find a good sibe puppy in/ near Liverpool

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