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  1. Hi Fellow Husky Lovers! I have a very mortifying problem with my 1.5 year old husky. He's been marking people at the dog park! He just recently started doing this. The first time was before Christmas. I googled what to do and Cesar Millan said to not let him mark anything. That seems to have backfired and now he pees on people every time we're at the park. It's only people who are standing and he's not discriminatory towards man or woman. He's neutered, I've established I'm the alpha, and he's well exercised when not at the park so I'm not sure where the problem stems. I will say he didn't stop peeing in the house til he was 8 months. So we've had a peeing problem from the beginning. I'm hoping someone can help me solve this issue. I don't want to stop taking him to the dog park so any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
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